Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

About the Mootz’s





We currently live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and serve as Directors at the Underground House of Prayer.  We met in 2007 during our first year at the Forerunner School of Ministry, became friends on a ministry trip and began dating 4 years later after an interesting turn of events.

Our wedding was in June of 2011 and our marriage has been an amazing gift to us both.  Our second daughter was just born on August 27th, 2014 with the name Moravia Shiloh Mootz.  On June 3rd, we had a baby boy named Finney Kohen Mootz.   Our first child, Eternity Hope Mootz, is in heaven after a miscarriage in May of 2013.  We miss her dearly and celebrate the day we see her and join her in a resurrected body:)

mootz-1We feel called to serve the Lord as missionaries all of our lives in order to see the Great Commission completed in our generation through the uniting of the prayer and missions movements.  The Lord is changing things all over the earth and we believe there is a great shift going on in the Church.  The Lord is establishing the Church in it’s identity of prayer and missions.  A new wave of church planters are going forth to establish mission oriented churches that have intercession and intimacy with God as their foundation.  We desire to see these Praying Churches come forth through our lives and the lives of those we serve and train.

In July of 2013, we said we made the huge decision to becoming the Directors of the Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  In July of 2014 a team of us from IHOP-KC actually moved to Sioux Falls to build onto an existing prayer ministry called the Underground House of Prayer.  We are currently working with the UHOP to see 24/7 prayer and worship established and churches mobilized in prayer in the region to see Jesus glorified and to see historic revival in our nation.  We want to see hundreds of young people sent out that are marked with lives of intimacy with God, intercession for revival, sermon on the mount lifestyles and the power of the Spirit.  We desire to walk in these same things.  It is our heart cry to preach the beauty and desire of God through all the wonderful truths of the Gospel by giving ourselves to prayer, mediation and study and by partnering with the Lord in intercession for a historic outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our day.  We believe we are living in the generation of the Lord’s return and that there is much the Lord is wanting to do to prepare the Church and the nations for the unique and intense events surrounding His 2nd coming.

As full-time staff at the House of Prayer we give 24hrs a week to praying in the Prayer Room and 20hrs a week to hands on ministry.  UHOP ( has 4 main ministry mandates:  Prayer Room, Gathering (mobilizing believers to prayer days), Equipping (training believers in lifestyles of prayer and worship) and Outreach (partnering with local ministries to see the lost and oppressed worship Jesus).

Mootz’s Personal Ministry Vision:

Intercede– Pray/intercede corporately for many hours a week for the full power and revelation of the Spirit upon the Church, Church unity, salvation of Israel and  a world-wide youth revival.

Equip- Train and disciple young people in lifestyles of prayer, purity and power. Train a generation of young messengers and worship leaders to be missionaries to the nations.

Encourage- Help strengthen the culture of prayer in the Church by teaching on the beauty of Jesus, the power of prayer,  the unique dynamics of God’s plans in our generation, the sermon on the mount and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Establish- Help establish prayer centers, prayer groups and praying churches.

Restore- Help restore the hearts, bodies and lives of the broken and systems that deal with the broken (fatherless, addicts, homeless, broken)




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    You guys are awesome! So blessed to know you!

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      We miss you Jenna!

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