About the Mootz’s

We currently live in Sioux Falls, SD with our three children Moravia, Finney, and Wilder. Since 2014, we have been the Directors of the Underground House of Prayer (www.uhopsf.com) with the vision of raising up a 24/7 prayer room for the church of Sioux Falls. In 2017, we helped start Encounter Church and are on the Pastoral Team with Jeff’s father, Jerry Mootz.

Both of us moved to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and lived there from 2006-2014, which is where we met and got married. IHOP-KC is an incredible place with people that love God and people. In that spiritual environment, we had the privilege of being discipled in prayer by seasoned leaders who envisioned us, encouraged us, and walked beside us as we grew in lifestyles of encountering the beauty of Jesus. We received degrees in preaching and biblical studies at the university and then spent another four years on staff at the IHOP-KC missions base.

While on staff, we worked as disciplers at the university and were on the broader pastoral team of IHOP’s local church. Jeff was also on the prophetic department leadership team and helped foster care families through the Orphan Justice Center. Bethany was on the leadership team of the young-adult internship for several years training and discipling women in the place of prayer.

Our primary calling is to minister to God through worship, meditation, and intercession for revival. Since 2006, half of our full-ministry hours every week have gone to prayer and ministry to God, and that continues to this day. Our secondary calling is to be a spiritual father and mother who train and disciple believers to encounter the beauty of Jesus, love Him with all of their hearts, and partner with Him by interceding for a great awakening. We believe that a global awakening is coming and we want to do our part in raising up a praying church.

We believe that God has ordained church communities and families to be the two primary things that release His transforming power in the lives of believers; therefore, we have a major focus on cultivating deep church relationships and establishing families in the areas of marriage and parenting.

Mootz Vision

  1. Pray – We minister to God through worship, meditation, and intercession and we gather others to pray.
  1. Disciple – We raise up believers in lifestyles of prayer through 1-on-1 discipleship and believe in the calling to be spiritual fathers and mothers and not just teachers. Through our discipleship resources, we equip and mobilize other believers to disciple others in the context of deep relationships. The primary goal in our discipleship is leading others in lifestyles of encountering Jesus. Discipleship also applies to equipping others to start and lead praying churches or prayer meetings at their church.
  1. Family – We encourage and equip parents to experience God and overflow in intentional marriages and parenting. Our marriage and kids are the most important ministry assignment God has given us.