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Questions to Pray about for The New Year

In this post I’m attaching a document that has several New Years questions to pray about as you look back on 2019 and look forward to 2020.  A group of us took a day to pray about these a couple of  years ago and many people have continued to express how helpful they have been each year that they continue to do them.   The document includes what to pray about, how to hear God’s voice in the process and how to get a summarized response to what you’ve prayed about.



Experiencing the Love of Jesus: Ephesians 3:16-19

This is a teaching Jeff did a few weeks ago as the last of a long series on the book of Ephesians.  The way that God brings us into the fullness of our calling (individually and corporately) is by revealing the heights and depths of His love to us.  Let these verses give us a higher vision for encountering God on a regular basis and the transformation it will bring to our hearts long-term.

Pursuing the Healing Anointing – Audio Teaching

Growing in Friendship with Jesus
Pursuing the Healing Anointing - Audio Teaching


This is a teaching on healing that Jeff shared at Valley View Church in Ohio recently.  God stirred our hearts to pursue His healing power in a more focused way last Christmas.   In this teaching, Jeff shares some of the stirring from last year, as well as giving vision for the level of power God has for us if we will pursue it.

This video outlines the 4 main ministry focuses of the House of Prayer that we lead.   2016 was a year of refining our vision and planning for the future, so this video was a natural overflow of all that we were processing and hearing from the Lord in 2016.  We are very excited to step into more of these ministry dimensions as a ministry in 2017!

Called to Be Witnesses – Part 2

The book of Acts details the momentum of the gospel through the first few decades of church history.  I’ve found about 25 different verses in Acts that display the power of the gospel to multiply disciples wherever it was preached.  And we see the complete surrender of the early church leaders to take the name of Jesus to other cities and nations despite the physical persecution they would suffer.  I’m excited to love Jesus and love Him the same way!

Called to Be Witnesses – Part 2

Bethany Sermon: Jesus the Healer – Awesome Teaching!

You have to listen to this teaching on Jesus the Healer!  Bethany taught on this in May of this year.  She mostly taught from the story of blind Bartimaeus.  She walks through the story of how Jesus related to this blind man and how this blind man approached Jesus for healing.

The end of the story is that Jesus asks him, “What can I do for you?”  Jesus hears this man, draws near to him after decades of blindness, and asks how he can serve him.

Our prayer community has been pursuing God’s healing power and His healing heart all year now.  Jesus has been changing our paradigms about healing for the better.

The teaching starts 9:00minutes into the recording.

Jesus the Servant Healer

2 Part Sermon Series: Experiencing God in the Word

This is a 2 part series I did at UHOP this summer on experiencing more of God’s heart and presence in the Word of God.  In March of this year, the Lord gave me the impression that we needed to teach people how to “eat the Word of God” so they could experience the life of God.  It has been my experience over the past 10 years that many believers don’t ever, or very often, experience great tenderness in their bible reading times.  In this series I talk about the parable of the sower and the seed from Mark 4/Matthew 13, how Jesus calls us to “hear” his word, which is referring to spiritual ears.  He then talks about different kinds of hearts/soils we can cultivate in our inner life and who dramatically different the results are for each person.  Jesus said that there was an extreme difference of experience of the Word in believers, even in the last category of good soils.  Some bear 30, 60 or 100 fold fruitfulness in their hearts based on the heart that they cultivate in the Word of God.

I am convinced that is is every single person’s inheritance in the Lord to have their hearts moved when they read the bible, I think to the point of tears, on a daily or weekly basis.  It is our inheritance to have our minds filled with fascination and wonder as we read His Word.  It is our inheritance to have our emotions moving as we read and to have them filled with hope, joy, peace and the experience of the love of God.

The secret to getting a tender heart in the Word is to read bible books you can understand and to slowly pray those truths/bible phrases back to God in our quiet times.  I discourage people from only reading the One Year Bible or only using a devotional book as their time with God.  I say this because it doesn’t easily facilitate slow, repetitive dialogue with Jesus over His words to us.  I encourage reading and journaling (writing down your prayers and thoughts from verses) through one book of the Bible at at time and researching commentaries to understand the books of the Bible we read.  For example, right now I’m going slowly through Ephesians 1.  I googled the background information of the book and some general information about the content, then as I’m reading I research words I don’t fully understand or ones I want more verses and information on.  I did this for the word “forgiveness”.  The sites I found gave me tons of verses on forgiveness, some definitions and some Old Testament history to the word.  All of these things informed my conversation with the Lord on the topic of forgiveness.

I want to leave you with this question.  In Mark 4, what does it look like to bear 30 fold fruit in your heart in the Word?  What would it look like on a weekly basis to bear 100 fold fruit in your heart in the Word?  Let’s pursue a high vision for experiencing God in the Word

Experiencing the Life of God in the Word – Part 1

Experiencing the Life of God in the Word – Part 2

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