We are very excited for what has been happening in our neighborhood the last year, but more specifically this fall.  We have been facilitating neighborhood prayer meetings since January with local believers and ihopu students for our specific area.  Normal prayers are for salvations, stopping of crimes, drugs and abuse and for restoration of families and life circumstances for those around us.  There are about 2,000 people in a few blocks area, apartments and townhomes. 

A team of 8 IHOP staff has committed themselves to evangelize and pray for this area for the month of October.  They connected with the local YWAM missions base and 30 of them committed to evangelize this area for October as well.  Then the Prophecy/Healing/Deliverance program students we work with have also been reaching out to this area.  Many of them have been drawn to this area and have commented on the power of God that they have experienced in sharing with people. 

We believe their have been around 40 people come to the Lord since August, with a growing number of them meeting with those that prayed with them.  There are many more healing stories from all of us.  We are looking at possibilities of starting a small church plant in our local clubhouse for those getting saved or those without church bodies. 

Last month we prayed for specific houses in the area many believe are selling drugs.  We prayed for it at our prayer meeting and since that week the owners of the  house have not been seen and no traffic has been going in or out.  We are enjoying a weekly bible study with a local single mother and her two kids.  They are hungry for truth and have a Mormon background.  We are going through the book of Romans.