Here are some of the pictures from our Vacation Bible School Outreach this week.  We held the outreach at our local clubhouse property and gathered kids from our townhome/apartment style neighborhood.  There were about 20 people who helped us and 12-20 kids both nights.  Each night consisted of hilarious games, snacks, worship, small group bible study, rewards and then ministry times.

The second night many of the kids returned with their homework project, which was to write prayers and song verses about the topic of small group.  All the ones that did it got a big candy bar and a clap offering.  The topics were Genesis 1-3 and the truth that Jesus made us to be friends with Him (As the passage is quoted in Ephesians 5) and the 1st commandment (holy love to God and others) as our response of love to Jesus our friend.  We were shocked by the sincerity and clarity of their prayers, song lyrics and their feedback on how their prayer times went.

Many of the kids said they want to continue to know God by coming to a weekly kids bible study we are starting up again in a couple weeks.