Bethany and I have been writing personal commentaries on books of the bible we have been studying this year.  She has been going through Isaiah and I have been going through Revelation.  Our goal is to study the books verse by verse and document all of our studies and meditations as personal commentaries.  Then we would like to compare our thoughts with other commentaries and document some of their thoughts. 

You can check out my studies and meditations on the first two chapters of Revelation if you go to the “Teaching Notes” section on this site (very much a rough draft).  You can also view a document that has all sorts of simple and detailed outlines of Revelation in the teaching notes section. 

A basic plan in studying a book is to read the book several times, create an outline of the book and look at other people’s outlines, write down themes from the book that you see, research history, then go verse by verse writing down thoughts and doing word studies and theme studies on the verse.  Before you know it you will have 1 chapter done.  You can access every bible study tool or commentary online for free to help you as well.  Another good idea is to go verse by verse with a commentary, write down good thoughts from the book and then write down your own thoughts, studies and meditations.