Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Our Garden!!!

This is Eden, our Garden!










Eden from the front gate entrance










My Beans and Peas!










poolside Eden










Another shot of the garden










The lettuce from eye level-nothing is growing yet!










It's a pool folks!










Yep- Here is our latest news…

We have a pool within our Home Owner’s Association on our street, but it’s been inactive for many years. After some vandalism that was done, they decided to completely fill it in with dirt. (and concrete and fence pools and bricks-we found that out the hard way) Anyways Bethany went to the HOA monthly meeting and gave her suggestion to use the filled in pool as a community garden, and quickly became the community garden manager!!! We quickly got started on our own plot of ground as you can see from above, and 16-20+ man hours later (and that includes blood, sweat and some tears) Voila! We have a garden, and it’s filled with all kinds of delectable vegetable seeds. We need to pray for growth, because it has a lot of clay under there.

We will probably post again once they all sprout.  We’ll be on the lookout!!!

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  1. Mom

    it’s looking good!!! much blessing and prosperity on the Mootz Eden!!!

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