I just finished studying and meditating on Song of Songs 5:11, “His head is like the finest gold; His locks are wavy and black as a raven.”  There are 10 attributes of the Lord that are revealed in this chapter.  The Song of Songs was traditionally interpreted as being about the nation of Israel (the Bride) and their Messiah (Jesus) and the covenants He made with them in the Old Testament. The Song displayed Israel’s relationship with the Lord until the end of the age when she would be seen leaving upon her beloved.  Israel is described as a loving Bride or an adulterous Bride throughout the Old Testament.

This passage speaks about Jesus’ headship over His Bride (His head is fine gold) and then His unrelenting commitment and passion to fulfill His desires (wavy, black hair).  Jesus leads unlike any other person in the entire world.  He came to serve, not to be served.  Do you know that God is your greatest servant?  That only sounds offensive because we do not know His glory as a Servant.  Jesus serves us with all of His resources and wisdom to make us great and vibrant in love.  He is so wise and skilled as a leader that He will have a radically obedient and loving Church on the earth just before His 2nd coming.  He is leading the earth.

His wavy and black hair speaks of the Nazarite Vow from the Old Testament.  Men and women took the vow to set themselves apart for God’s purposes.  It was a sober commitment to love God and serve Him intentionally.  Jesus is committed to His Father’s plans and He is committed to His Bride.  He is tenacious and unrelenting in His pursuit of love in His people.  Jesus’ emotions never fade during the day.  He feels emotions of desire and zeal in intense ways at every moment of the day.  He is not discouraged by your failures, lack of commitment or the growing darkness on the earth.  He is filled with courage and zeal to bring love forth on the earth.  He is that committed in your life.  Paul caught a glimpse of this in Romans 8, “Nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ.” In Romans 8 there is a crescendo of voice and passion as Paul lists all the things that cannot separate us from God’s love.  Paul was filled with passion as he saw Jesus’ passion for Him.  Paul was trying to prove God’s unrelenting commitment to His people.

Our hearts open up to trust and love the Lord as we meditate on these truths from Song 5:10-16.  Each facet of His love and leadership awakens love in us.  How?  By journaling the verses, speaking them out loud in prayer, confessing them as true and by asking the Holy Spirit to teach and impart these to our heart.  These truths helped strengthen the Bride in this verse as she went through incredible difficulties.

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