Bethany and I are excited to go to St. Croix, Virgin Islands again this February.  We have been there two years in a row now and love the missionaries there and love the vision they have for prayer and missions.  YWAM bases around the world have 6 month internships for young adults that include theology classes, discipleship, and a 2 month outreach experience in another nation.  We will be teaching one week on prayer and worship for their theology portion of the internship.  They typically except 5-10 people per internship to keep things intimate but they have a few spots open still if you know somebody who would be interested.  This would be an amazing experience for a young person to get grounded in the Word of God, prayer, works of justice, missions, and to get a sense of where God is calling them for their future.  Our first experience with YWAM was at this base and after our first trip we realized how awesome the organization is as a whole and how special this little base is.  Pass this link on to those you think would be interested.

Click here for the link to the YWAM website