The book of the Song of Songs has been something I have wanted to understand for several years.  I have been going through the book little by little the last months and hope to have studied each verse by the end of the year.  I was meditating on Chapter 5 of the book during our Bridegroom fast in December and I have been stuck in the chapter ever since. A teacher challenged our class years ago to go after this chapter for years in order to mine its depths of understanding about Jesus.

Each descriptive symbol is a treasure to search out in scripture and in meditation.  I have been surprised at how much is in the Bible on each symbol and how clear some of the ideas have been from the Old and New Testaments.

The Song has 2 main characters, Jesus and the Bride of Christ.  In this chapter the Bride describes the revelation of Jesus to other believers in the midst of her great trial.  They ask her what He is like and why she is so in love with Him.

She introduces Him as the most beautiful One among ten thousands times ten thousands and then goes into detail on each feature of His heart.  There is a general description of Jesus’ beauty, followed by 10 detailed descriptions and then another general description to conclude the proclamation.

Each of these facets of the Beauty of Jesus will strengthen our hearts in love for the Lord as we say them back to Him in meditation.

(Check the teaching section for short notes on each symbol of the chapter.  There will also be  separate documents for each verse)

Song 5:10 “My beloved is white and ruddy, Chief among ten thousand.”

White = dazzling, bright, radiant in His internal and external beauty

Ruddy = red, healthy, vibrant and filled with life in every area of His heart

Chief = most distinguished, highest ranking, banner lifted up,  leader, transcendent

Ten Thousand = An uncountable number, ten thousands times ten thousands