Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

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Bethany and I spent the last week in the Virgin Islands at a YWAM missions base.  YWAM (Youth With A Mission) trains young adults in the Word, prayer and missions.  They have been a missions and training ministry for the last 50 years.  We went to teach for a week on the topic of worship and intercession.  It was an amazing trip and we made new friends, who we hope to see again in the future.   The students were hungry and the staff served us and provoked us.

The missions base is in the center of the small island and the property used to be a slave run sugar mill.  The base itself is a historical site and the buildings are the same buildings that were used to house slaves, the owners and the buildings to process the sugar.  The base is about 20 years old.  Many of the false religions of the world are represented on the island but one unique to the islands is Rastafarianism.

We taught for a couple hours each morning and then we taught for couple hours many of the nights.  One night was an open meeting for any of the staff and anybody in the neighborhood.  We had a long worship that night and then Jeff preached on Revelation 4 and charged people to gaze on the beauty of God in this chapter and seek to be fascinated with Him.  Half the teaching times were theological teachings and half of the teachings were practical sessions like praying in the spirit, leading corporate prayer times, communing with the Holy Spirit, developing a prayer list and learning to meditate on the Bible.

The students liked the idea of mixing music with prayer so we had an extra prayer meeting one night.  After the prayer meeting we prophesied over each other.  We got a word of knowledge about back pain in one girl so we prayed for her.  Her leg grew out in front of us and it corrected her hip and spine alignment.  Then she got filled with joy and was laughing.

(Check out the Teaching Notes section for all of the notes we taught on this trip)

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    Sounds like an awesome trip!

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