Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls House of Prayer Trip – Feb 14-16th

As most of you know we have decided to move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota this fall to take the Director position at a house of prayer ministry.  The existing ministry is amazing and is called the Underground House of Prayer.  It was started by a christian couple around 2001 as a Christian coffee shop ministry.  In 2007 I met them during their first visit to IHOP in Kansas City.  During that year the Lord told them to start a prayer room, so in 2008 they added a prayer room to the coffee shop ministry.  In 2010 they fully transitioned the ministry to prayer and stopped their coffee shop ministry.  

Bethany and I have known this couple for the last 6 years and have known many of those that have worked with them.  Jeff’s parents are also close friends with them and have been a part of this prayer ministry for years.  They asked us to consider moving there this past summer so we began praying about it in July and then decided in August that we wanted to move.  

We have been taking possible recruits with us to Sioux Falls every month for a weekend ministry trip since November.  This past weekend we brought two 4th year students from IHOPU to lead in the worship and intercession times.  Jeff taught on the Spirit of Prayer that releases Revival power on Saturday night before the prayer meeting and Bethany taught on the enemies of prayer on Sunday morning.  We also had our first training time on Saturday for people to get trained in the prayer and worship model we will be using in Sioux Falls.  The students taught on the entire model and then focused on training singers while Bethany trained prayer leaders.  We then came together and had different ones try singing and praying.  

Our desire is to see a strong prayer room in Sioux Falls that functions hours a day alongside an equipping and outreach ministry.  We want to see full-time internships, part-time internships, Bible classes, ministry classes, music classes, outreaches to the poor, fatherless, Native Americans, college campuses and help see citywide and region wide corporate prayer events.  

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  1. kathy miller

    love to you guys and many blessings as you follow the in the path the Good Shepherd is leading…
    continued prayers…granny and kenny

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