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Praying to the Holy Spirit

One of my primary ways of engaging with God in prayer is to talk to the indwelling Holy Spirit.  I like to visualize Him in my imagination as a river of life, a consuming bonfire or a bright light and then talk to Him.  I take bible verses that describe His ministry to us and I take phrases from the verses and pray them to Him.  Isn’t it crazy that the full Person and power of God resides in our spirit?  We access His power, presence and teaching ministry to us by talking to Him throughout the day.  As we do this we will become more aware of His presence within us and experience more of His power through us. The fullness of God lives and resides within our frame but it is our desire for that presence and power to be manifested in our experience.

John 14-16 says that He is our guide into the revelation of God, the One that will teach us all things and prophecy to us the things to come.  1 Corinthians 2 says that He reveals the deep things of God’s heart to us in intimacy.  Galatians 5 says He causes us to feel and walk out the very emotions and characteristics that God does.  1 Corinthians 12 says that He gives us the full gifts of the Spirit.  Hebrews 8 says He writes God’s Word upon our minds and emotions.  Romans 5 says He fills us with the love of God.  Romans 8 says that He causes us to defeat sinful patterns and desires and that He awakens an intimate cry within our hearts to our Father Abba.  These are glorious realities that are available to every believer on the earth all the time.

We walk in the experience of the Spirit’s power to the degree that we talk to Him.  We experience more of the fruit and gifts of the Spirit to the degree that we talk to Him. We release His indwelling power by agreeing that He dwells in us and agreeing that the fruit and power of His presence is within us.  As we agree with these truths in prayer it releases them into our experience.  Experiencing the Holy Spirit in supernatural ways really is this easy.  It all comes down to talking to Him regularly throughout the day.

1.  Take 10-15minutes a day and specifically talk to the Holy Spirit inside of you.

2.  Picture Him in one of the ways I described above.

3.  Gently whisper bible phrases to Him that describe His ministry, “Teach me, reveal the deep things of God to me, release the fruit of peace into my experience, write the truths of God’s word upon my thinking and feeling, use me mightily in the gifts of the Spirit, give me wisdom in areas of my life, Help me Holy Spirit.”

4.  Take time to pause and be silent and times to sigh and thank Him for His presence.

5.  Thank Him for aspects of His ministry or thank Him for the power that dwells in you, “Thank You for the fullness of the joy of God that lies within me, release that joy into my thoughts and emotions.  I agree that the full joy of God dwells in my spirit by the Holy Spirit, so release it into my soul.”

6.  Then take 10 seconds or 1 minute slots throughout the day and talk to Him like this to keep your heart experiencing His manifest presence.

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    Love this! Thank you for sharing!

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