Bethany and I decided to go see my oldest sister and her family in Dallas last weekend.  We spent a few days there spending time together, swimming in their pool, going to parks and the zoo.  Jeni, Scott and little Elia were a blast and it was great to be with them.  They were so encouraging and fun to be with.  Bethany and I got to swim a lot and actually got a little tan.  One day we went to the zoo with Jeni and Elia and saw all the animals there.  They had gorillas, tigers, lions, monkeys and then our favorite part was the area with elephants, deer and giraffes.  The giraffe’s were very tall and we got to stand next to their heads and pet them.  One of them licked my arms like crazy.  His/her tongue was the length and width of my forearm and had a sandpaper texture like cats.  Oh ya, they had birds in their house too.

You should ask Jeff about this one!

Uncle Jeff and Elia

Having fun in the sun

Scott and his friends!