Beforehand: Extending our entry way by peeling back the carpet


The Tools


The Concrete Hardiebacker first layer down… looking good!

So one day Jeff and our roommate Kyle ripped up the linoleum in our front entryway… and then within 24 hours we got all the tools (mostly borrowed-thanks Will!) and all the supplies (thanks Lowe’s! and that patient guy as we asked him about all the details) and then Kyle started tiling the next day! He is going to be starting a business called Kyle’s Tile Styles soon-haha!

Doesn’t it look great?

Jeff will be doing the grout within the next few days. It was fun to jump over our entry way for 24 hours to let it dry… tiling takes a long time to get done, but it’s fun.

Now, I just have to convince them to do the kitchen and the bathroom!!!!


The hired worker- our roommate Kyle!


Mortar is holding down these beautiful tiles! Grout yet to be put on…