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The Lord answers prayer! Here i want to tell you a story:)

So back in January and February, Jeff and I were deciding on if we should sell one of our cars and use the money for some bills or even save the money for the future to buy one that would fit our needs more. My green Chevy Cavalier ended up getting the veto, it didn’t have air conditioning and it had low enough mileage to still be desirable for others. So the day we put it up on craigslist we had 3 or 4 offers! So within a few days we sold it to a first time car buyer, a wonderful single mother who needed some wheels. It was a perfect fit. 

Since then, we have learned to coagulate our schedules together and learn to live more simply and use one car between the both of us. It was shocking how easy it was. We turned to the Lord in prayer asking for Him to bring us a car when we needed it. 

At the beginning of May, a student here at the University who was moving back to Norway emailed me saying she wanted to give us her car! We graciously said thank you, but honestly, she was in a state of financial need and really needed to sell the car for money. She responded back saying that she really felt like she was supposed to give us the car despite the need. We were humbled and provoked by her! And really excited that she would give us a car for free!!!!

A WEEK LATER, she emailed again, and said that someone in Norway just contacted her saying that they were giving her a car for free as soon as she arrived! We all were so encouraged by this!!

So last week, we went to the DMV and switched everything legally, and got the keys to this wonderful 2000 Toyota Corolla. Praise God that He gives so abundantly to those in need! And it has everything that my little Chevy lacked, I am so grateful everytime I get to drive it. (the trunk works, the odometer works, the air conditioning works, power locks and power windows, and it even has an ipod dock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All things my Chevy didn’t have!)

So to those of you out there in need, keep praying for the Lord to answer you, sometimes He doesn’t and sometimes He does! And sometimes He uses YOU to answer someone else’s needs. It’s so great to be a lover of Jesus. I heard someone say once, “the only money you actually “keep” is the money you give away.” The kingdom of Jesus is different than the worlds.



  1. Chris Westfall

    June 4, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    AWESOME!!!!!! The Lord is good….Miss you guys…

    Love, Chris

    Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 17:24:04 +0000 To:

  2. What a wonderful blessing your new car is for you! And the story of this happening is a wonderful testimony to Jesus’ faithfulness & provision in your lives & in your friend’s life. His Name is truly Wonderful!

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