We have been very busy and doing very well! All of us are in good health, and good morale! Maybe lacking a little sleep but that’s pretty normal. The sun is shining, our lilacs are blooming, our chickens are popping out 5 eggs a day, we are doing GOOD. The weather is crisp and fresh and we’ve been able to get out in the spring weather most every day to walk or run.

We have good friends from China that have came back to the States for the summer and we are so excited to get to spend time with them!

We are hosting a conference at the House of Prayer (UHOP) here with Corey Russell next weekend called Encountering Jesus Conference-so we’ve been preparing and getting ready. We are excited to have him here! The house of prayer is going well, Jeff is getting so good at worship leading. He’s stretching himself by learning a new song on guitar a week. Jeff and I have a duet intercession set once a week – it’s fun. I am working hard on getting our very first young adult internship up and running. It’s in July and I am the main admin/leader of the internship so there is lots involved in getting it all started. But i am sooooo excited. Look here for more details! www.uhopsf.com/igniteinternship

Moravia is crawling now! She is loving the freedom of moving everywhere by herself- next thing she will conquer is sitting up! She is so fun loving and excited all the time. She loves kids so we joke (and are kinda serious about it too) about that we will have to adopt an older kid because she loves kids so much! She babbles nonstop when she is happy and is a really good eater. We are so proud of her.

We just planted our garden and put a fence around the chickens so that we can have some grass that is poop-free and able to be romped around in. Grandma Blosser bought Moravia a swing! We will enjoy that this summer.

My parents were here two weekends ago and as always we had a blast with them. We treasure our time with them so much! We updated UHOP’s decor while my mom was here to help and it looks AMAZING.

Blessings to you all!