Every Monday morning here at the House of Prayer we host a weekly prayer gathering for moms and kids – a weekly “pray-date.” This has become one of the most exciting and fruitful ministry initiatives that we have started so far! Our goal is to give moms a place to connect with the Lord’s heart for them and to connect with other young moms for fellowship and encouragement. It’s been huge to gather in small groups to pray for each other’s needs, but also to gather for one purpose of worshiping the Lord and praying for revival in our city.  Meanwhile, their children are inspired and equipped to develop their own prayer lives through age-appropriate prayer activities. Jeff is in charge of the kid’s activities and crafts and games, and Bethany leads the mom’s in a prayer time during the hour gathering. At the end of the prayer meeting, all the kids come back to join their moms in a loud and rowdy worship time where we dance, and play tambourines and bongos and the only rule is “Don’t get on the stage!”

The feedback we have received from the moms has really encouraged us. One young mom said, “I thought after a busy week with kids and go, go, go, it was nice to soak and hear from the word of God what He thinks of us.  I don’t have a lot of support as a mom. So this is nice to know what I do as a mom matters and God sees it and it is beautiful to Him.”

This week at the Mom and Kid’s Prayer Meeting we heard from one mom whose 5 year old said to her that morning, “Mom I want to go to the house of prayer today.” They hadn’t came to the prayer meeting in awhile so they came! It is so amazing to see such young children respond in worship and actually beginning to love the house of prayer.IMG_4001







Here is a picture of our bongo rowdy time!