Jeff and I got to go visit with Grandpa Mootz in Minneapolis in March when we went up to South Dakota to meet with family. We traveled early in the morning with Jerry, Jeff’s dad, to go on a tour of his hometown and stomping grounds. On the way we got to hear Jerry’s stories, and then visit Grandpa Mootz’s former home and where Jerry grew up! Grandpa Mootz is a godly man and we were privileged to be with him, hearing war stories of World War II and also just visiting with him, catching up.

I told Grandpa Mootz that I was honored to have his name, and he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, paused, and said, “Well alright, I guess you can have it!”  He is the definition of what it means to have a godly inheritance planted in your children and your children’s children.  We love Grandpa Mootz!