There is only one Source of HOPE, and that’s in the name of Jesus Christ.

I have been thinking a lot lately about having strong faith in the power of Jesus and the hope and truth that He can bring to our human hearts. We all usually go through hard times: whether that’s uncomfortable circumstances, tribulation, trials, pressures of daily life or even demonic accusations. But there is a perspective change (or you could call it letting yourself be aligned to God’s truth) that needs to occur in order for us to get our heads out of our self-focused swirls.

I want to be a woman who lives free from self-pity  and lives in the confidence in the hope of Christ.

Gratitude and worship are preserving actions to fight the trap of self-pity or self-centeredness. There is a song that i’ve been humming and singing the last few days, “We lift up our eyes, we lift up our eyes, You are the giver of life!” It’s a focused shift of emotions and mindset that gets our hope placed not on circumstances, but the Eternal One!!