I have been inspired recently to go through the lives of prophetic people in the bible.  I’m asking the Lord to show me the lives of His friends in the Bible so that I can glean from them and grow in my friendship with the Lord.  There is so much wisdom for us in the areas of friendship, prophecy and Gods’ heart towards the nations. The Lord is raising up friends all over the world to share His heart and to reveal Him to the nations.  His preparation process for His friends is intense but His desire to reveal His mercy through them is even more intense.  The study of these individuals gives us confidence that they too were normal people that went through tremendous struggles.

Joseph is only the second person I have studied but I have been absorbed his story for a couple weeks.  The majority of his story is centered around the betrayal he experienced with his brothers and the mercy he cultivated towards them over 13 years in slavery.  His brothers pre-meditated his murder when he was only 17 but by the end of the story he wept over them and prophesied to them that God meant it all for their good.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers into a foreign land and went through the most intense inner healing season of his life in that place.  God used it all to form mercy and humility in Joseph’s life so that he could rightly lead the nation of Egypt in crisis and provide for the nation of Israel at the same time.

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