In Psalm 12 David cries out, “help Lord, for the godly man ceases!” As we look around at all of the fathers in the world our cry bears much resemblance to David’s. But there is hope!!!!!!!! God became a MAN, and was sent to do the will of His Father, to reveal the Father to an orphaned world. He came to shatter our delusions and imprint deep within us who He is and who we are because of Him. He is a Father and you are His child!

You cannot “escape” or “be strong” enough to get over your innate need to be fathered. You will never “grow out” of the need or desire to have a father. You aren’t “too weak” or “unqualified” or “never will measure up” to have a good father. Your very nature as a child demands your need for a Father. You need a father to live your life rightly just as you need a father to naturally come into the human existence.

So let’s go to the right source for truth! Instead of going to your circumstances to interpret the truth about God for you, go to the Word of God! Our lives are unsettled and unstable without the anchor of knowing the embrace of the Father. We must come to understand the assurance that He enjoys us even in our weaknesses. The truth about God the Father can transcend each of our circumstance, so let’s gaze into Him!


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