It seems like the Book of Revelation is one of the hardest books for us as believers to connect to Jesus in but in reality it is a vast treasure of the beauty of God.  In my experience over the last few years there have been a few key points of understanding that have opened the book to me in an introductory way and made it simple and enjoyable.  I will write on some of those points in the next post. 

This book is one of my (Jeff) main studies for the year.  Why study and meditate upon the book of Revelation?  There are several fun reasons.  God gave it to the Church for a reason.  The same God that sent His Son to the cross thought it good and wise to give us Revelation, meaning it is not an optional book for us.  God gave these revelations because He knew it was necessary for the Church to have.  He is so strategic and wise and because of this He gave us the revelations.  The first chapter reveals the value that God has for these revelations by signifying its importance over and over again.  These revelations are very precious to His heart.  The fellowship of the Trinity decided at some point that the revelations should be given to people.  The Father, Son and Spirit dreamed up this plan to fully restore creation and dwell with it again in their wisdom and love and this book reveals their plans.  These details were hidden in the heart of the Trinity until a day and time when it was determined to reveal them to John the beloved. 

The book is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  There is supernatural insight into the heart and personality of Jesus in this book.  Revelation or apocalypse means unveiling not destruction.  It means something was veiled and hidden by God but is now revealed.  We gain great insight into Jesus’ personality, plans and desires by reading this book.  We should ask Him why He does things the way He does them.  We should ask Him what He desires in the end and how much He desires it.  We should ask Him how He is going to lead all of creation through the great and terrible events in the book. 

This is the only book of the Bible with a blessing attached to it.  There is a blessing to those that read, hear and keep the words of this prophecy.  Why is there a blessing attached to this book?  What are the blessings? 

This is the only introduction in the Bible that includes the entire Trinity.  The first chapter has loaded phrases about each one of the Trinity that must be searched out.  No other introduction to a book of the Bible is as loaded with deep descriptions of the Trinity.  The introduction has more descriptions of Jesus than any other book.  The first chapter has many more descriptions of the Father and the Son.

This book reveals where history is taking us and how we are getting there and this brings us living hope.  There is a longing in the heart of humans to know where we are going and how we are going to get there.  We are going towards eternity, perfection and total satisfaction.  Heaven and earth will be fully joined and God and mankind will be fully joined.  The New Jerusalem is revealed in great detail in this book. 

This is the only book of the Bible that reveals the manifest authority of Jesus over sin, injustice, demons and Satan.  This book is the Cross Part 2.  Jesus purchased all authority on the cross.  But in the last days He will fully manifest the authority He won on the cross.  This is why Jesus is seen as the Lamb of God all throughout the book of Revelation.  The Lamb is on the throne. 

Lastly, God wants partnership.  He gave this book to the Church so that we could partner with Him to bring it pass in the last days.  Just like Moses partnered with God to deliver Israel from Pharoah, so will the Church partner with God to overcome the antichrist and the demonic kingdom in the last days.  We see glimpses of the unity between heaven and earth and the very throne of God all throughout the book.  This gives us courage that our prayers have great impact both now and then and that God is ruling from His throne.  Moses was an intercessor and prophet for the Lord in Pharaoh’s day and with a few spoken words he released judgments on Pharoah’s kingdom and delivered Israel from oppression.  The Church will do the same thing with her words of intercession.