Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

First 2 weeks of Prayer Room a Success!

WOW 2 weeks flew by!  The first week of prayer we had a 16 person 6am Monday set (that is a lot of people!) Tuesday 6am 18 people showed up! What a wonderful sight to see so many local believers here in Sioux Falls love and enjoy early morning prayer and worship.  The Lord is moving in signs in wonders if normal people can get up around 4 or 4:30am just to give their devotion to Him in the mornings. I am not joking it is so beautiful to Him!

Here are some pictures of  the first 6 am intercession set:

Team Picture!

Team Picture!













We are blessed to be here and to have such an amazing team to pray and worship with. There are 7 full time staff members as of now, and we do 25 live hours a week, but we are open 35 hours a week. We do a little bit of work and our two weekend services (Friday night and Saturday night) on top of that.

Thank the Lord that He desires a dwelling place here in Sioux Falls, it’s fun to partner with Him in His desires for this city.







  1. Susan Blosser

    Great Report! May His Blessings abound in Sioux Falls!

  2. songbirdblog

    WOW!!! LOVE THIS!!!

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