Finney Kohen Mootz was born June 3, 2016 at 2:10pm. He was 8 lb and 2 oz (almost 3 lbs heavier than Moravia was!) and measured 21 in long. He has strapping shoulders, a long torso, brown hair, and brownish eyes. He is handsome already and loves to sleep and eat. He is a great kid and we welcomed him into the world with candles and a brownie and sparkling berry juice with Jeff’s mom and dad! My mom Susan came all the way from Ohio to help us out for 2 weeks, and we were so grateful for that. 

Finney literally means “mighty warrior/soldier”. It was also the last name of Charles Finney, the famous 2nd Great Awakening preacher.  To us, Finney means bold messenger of the Lord.  We feel like the love of Jesus will so impact him that he will boldly proclaim the love of Jesus to all those around him with power and conviction.  We feel like healings and miracles will fill his life as he represents Jesus to others.  Charles Finney was a bold preacher who spoke the language of the common people in a way that was uncommon.  He was known for speaking the gospel and convincing entire villages of Jesus’ love for them.   He was first a man who experienced Jesus in the place of prayer and then released that to those he preached to.  He said of himself, “God preached through me when I connected deeply to His heart in prayer.”  Finney will be a leader who joyfully perseveres through difficult circumstances.  

Kohen (Ko-en) is the Hebrew word for Priest, which was a person who stood in the very presence of God as a friend. We feel like he will be one that will be persistent and powerful in prayer and that he will long to be near the presence of Jesus for his entire life.  Like King David in Psalm 27, he will love to dwell in the house of the Lord. 

Here is a few pictures from the first few days of his life: