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Family Update

We are 31 months pregnant and now that we can count down the weeks on our hands, preparation is becoming imminent! We can’t wait to welcome this little boy into our lives… and see what he looks like and who he’ll become. Moravia is growing so much, even this week she has started speaking so much better. Some times we can’t understand her, like the difference between “water” and “diaper” and “buckle” but she is really communicating so clearly! It’s amazing to watch her learn so quick. We only have to tell her things once now and she is just like a sponge and figures things out. Yesterday i was putting her in the car seat and she takes the buckle and looks at me and says, “I do it”. Wow. I couldn’t believe her clarity.  She knows most of her numbers, but really likes the number “8”.


Spring is upon us now which always begins the yard cleanup! We are planning on putting in new sliding back patio doors in a few weeks which will give us the option of a screen door which we know Moravia will love. Everyday she is asking to go outside and play with the chickens. She is unafraid of them and loves to go in their coop to look for eggs and point at their food, water and poop. Ha! She makes great chicken sounds too. Soon she’ll be able to say their names! She accidentally threw her first egg to the ground today  (like she didn’t know what the outcome would be)- it was really cute actually she was shocked at what happened and just stared for awhile.



Life is always interesting with a toddler, those who have had one know what i mean:)



We make this healthy ice cream that we call “Banana Milk”- just almond milk, peanut butter and frozen bananas (and sometimes cacao!!!)  Our friend Emilie gave us this fun straw and Moravia loves to drink from it and asks for banana milk almost daily!


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  1. Bethany!! You look fabulous, healthy , beautiful & you finally….look pregnant! Yay!! Moravia is such a beauty who will be the best big sister ever. Love you all,

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