Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Family Pics

We braved our first trip to Kansas City with Moravia, and it was a breeze!
We had a reunion of sorts as my Mom and Dad and sister Leah came all the way from Ohio to meet Moravia and also my new nephew Jack that belong to my brother Micah and Kait and their beautiful family (who live in KC). We got to play and eat and watch the World Series together as well as visit a few friends.

THEN Mom and Dad came to Sioux Falls for a few days and we spent time in the house of prayer and showed them around town. We had a blast together, MOM AND DAD COME ANYTIME OK???

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  1. Daniel and Karla Grenz

    so fun seeing all these great pictures on your blog!! looks like it was an awesome trip to KC and so glad your parents were able to come to Sioux Falls, Bethany!

    I have a blog question for you guys- we are struggling with loading pictures into our blog. for the post below did you just insert it into the blog or are they in a gallery? any tips on adding pictures to our blog posts? we have found wordpress to not be very ‘user friendly’ and can’t figure it out 🙂 thanks! love you guys,


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