We were supposed to travel to Wisconsin a couple weeks ago to teach at a youth retreat but it was canceled last minute.  We were so excited to be with the Church there, see some friends in the area and to teach on “Being a Disciple of Jesus and Discipling Others,” but we are hoping it will happen in the near future.  

We just put the four teachings we prepared for the retreat on our teaching notes section of the website:  “Being Radical Disciples, Jesus 1st Command,” “Sermon on the Mount – How to be Wholehearted Disciples of Jesus,” “Disciples Sitting at the Feet of Jesus, Our First Priority,” and, “Being Disciples and Discipling Others.”  

Jesus calls us to be disciples and to disicple others.  Jesus’ first command is to be transformed in love for Him and for others.  The Sermon on the Mount practically displays what loving God, loving others looks like and what a transformed heart displays.  Jesus calls us to sit at His feet in prayer, worship and meditation to be washed by His words of love over us, to release His power to our hearts to be transformed in love and to give us clarity in our lives.  Then He calls us to intentionally teach others these same values and lifestyles in the faith.