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A million dollar egg!

We haven’t actually ate it yet!

But this is our first egg from those chickens we just bought! (honestly not sure if our chickens are popping out eggs, it could be from another chicken) but we are excited nonetheless! Hats off to Micah and Kaitlyn for caring and loving our chickens, we can now tell them all apart.

Sadly Roni and Chocolate Thunder get picked on the most… Chocolate Thunder has a drooped over red flappy thing on the top of her head, and Roni has a small upper beak… I guess we would call that an under bite! Haha!

But other than that things are going well here on the farm…. (i feel like more of a farmer, owning chickens, getting my hands dirty in the garden- and i love it because I am definitely in the city!)


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  1. Leah

    Poor Roni and chocolate thunder!!!! Haaa!!! Love you 🙂

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