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That Bored Feeling

Do you ever feel bored?  Maybe it’s better to ask how often you feel bored during the day.  I’ve been a student of boredom since I was a teenager.  I was very aware of the gnawing feeling in me everyday and I would numb it with media, busyness, athletics and hours of pointless hang out with friends. 

When I became a believer at the age of 20 the feeling did not go away.  What I did notice was that the feeling went away during bible studies, worship times, prayer times and real fellowship with friends about God.  I realized that the feeling of boredom that I had felt my entire life was actually a longing.  It was not a feeling it was a longing from God.  It was a longing to be fascinated in my heart in a real tangible way. 

That discovery motivated me in a real way to experience real fascination with God everyday.  I began changing my schedule so that I could seek God in the Bible, prayer, worship and in fellowship with friends about God so that I could touch Him.  Touching Him didn’t just remove the feeling of boredom, it satisfied a longing in my heart. 

You have God given longings in you that were designed to be satisfied every single day.  How are you satisfying or numbing that longing in your own heart? 

I seek to be fascinated through meditation on the Word of God each morning.  Then I continue to pray, ponder His Word and ask for tangible impartation in my heart throughout the day.  I want to live fascinated more throughout the day. 


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  1. Good Stuff. I needed this. -Rachel

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