Here is an email message I received from the Call2All ministry, who is actively engaged in strategizing with Prayer and Missions Leaders all over the world in finishing the Great Commission. Go to for more information, and read below to hear the amazing news!!!



“January 2008 at our first congress in Orlando, Florida we released a list of 639 unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPG’s) with populations more than 100,000 people. It took years of research to compile this list with the input from many organizations.

When this list was finally compiled it was an exciting, but sobering moment. It was important that we knew who was unengaged, but we were startled by the fact that after 2,000 years of Christianity these groups didn’t have one known group of Christians!

Adopting and reaching these 639 UUPGs has been a major focus of the call2all movement since it’s beginning in January 2008. In 19 congresses spanning the globe we have challenged Christian leaders to help bring this number of UUPGs to ZERO.

Approximately 30,000 leaders from 1,400 different organizations have prayed over these lists, many committing to engage one people group or more.

Working with many others in the body of Christ we are excited to report as of last week, 566 UUPGs have now been engaged! (A few have been reclassified).

This is extraordinary progress, it is amazing to watch what God is doing! Thousands of full-time missionaries are now in these 566 people groups and every one of them has a church planting movement.  Look at these amazing figures:

  • 7,169 New Full-time Workers
  • 6,240  New Part-time Workers
  • 14,494 Churches Planted
  • 794,324  New Believers

We thank God for all of this progress, but it is not enough…

God did not call us to reach some, He called us to reach all! There are 73 groups left that need to be engaged, 62 of these groups are in Muslim regions.

We need to do 2 things:

  • All of us must pray specifically to the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into these fields.
  • We need to ask the Lord what is our role in helping to reach these 73 groups. It might include giving, sending workers or going ourselves. There are many different potential roles, we each must do our part.

To find out more specific information on these people groups, particularly the Muslim groups that need to be reached, go to (To learn more about how call2all is engaging these people groups read the article, 777 – Finishing the Great Commission Together).