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Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

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Moravia Playing Piano and Singing at UHOP

For about a year now, since Moravia turned 1, we have been letting her play different instruments at UHOP on our off times.  We would sit her on our lap and let her play piano and make noises in the microphone, strum the electric guitar when it was in Jeff’s hands or play the drums on somebody’s lap.

This week she did something new.  I put her on the keyboard stool and she started playing and pretend singing like she’s never done before.  Then she told me to go to my guitar station, so I could play music with her.  This would be the normal set up of musicians she would see on a normal weekday at UHOP when she comes.

We named her Moravia because we felt there was a worship calling over her life, which has been fun to invest in at home and at UHOP.   We are praying that she could play any instrument her heart desires and that her heart would overflow in the place of worship.

Finney Growing Up – Kicking, Talking and Looking

Finney is growing up so fast!  He will be 9 weeks old this weekend.


Moravia has been learning all kinds of prayers this summer.  It’s so crazy how much little kids can learn at this age.  All of her prayers have actions to them, so she really gets into them.  This video shows her praying 2 Thessalonians 3:1-2 as a prayer and saying the names of all her grandparents.


Jesus’ Love Breaks Shame – Recent Sermon by Jeff Mootz

The picture below is a link to a sermon I preached a few weeks ago at a church in Sioux Falls.  If you have been tracking with us recently, you know that we have been contending for healing and connecting with healing ministries in town.  This church is the church that is hosting a healing ministry on the streets of downtown Sioux Falls.

This sermon is about the heart of Jesus the Bridegroom.  I talked about about He is joyful, gentle, passionate and desires partnership with us.  I spent more time highlighting the issue of shame and how God breaks that stronghold with the revelation of His enjoyment of our lives in our weaknesses.

bridegroom picture


Photo Shoot!


Finney Kohen Mootz was born June 3, 2016 at 2:10pm. He was 8 lb and 2 oz (almost 3 lbs heavier than Moravia was!) and measured 21 in long. He has strapping shoulders, a long torso, brown hair, and brownish eyes. He is handsome already and loves to sleep and eat. He is a great kid and we welcomed him into the world with candles and a brownie and sparkling berry juice with Jeff’s mom and dad! My mom Susan came all the way from Ohio to help us out for 2 weeks, and we were so grateful for that. 

Finney literally means “mighty warrior/soldier”. It was also the last name of Charles Finney, the famous 2nd Great Awakening preacher.  To us, Finney means bold messenger of the Lord.  We feel like the love of Jesus will so impact him that he will boldly proclaim the love of Jesus to all those around him with power and conviction.  We feel like healings and miracles will fill his life as he represents Jesus to others.  Charles Finney was a bold preacher who spoke the language of the common people in a way that was uncommon.  He was known for speaking the gospel and convincing entire villages of Jesus’ love for them.   He was first a man who experienced Jesus in the place of prayer and then released that to those he preached to.  He said of himself, “God preached through me when I connected deeply to His heart in prayer.”  Finney will be a leader who joyfully perseveres through difficult circumstances.  

Kohen (Ko-en) is the Hebrew word for Priest, which was a person who stood in the very presence of God as a friend. We feel like he will be one that will be persistent and powerful in prayer and that he will long to be near the presence of Jesus for his entire life.  Like King David in Psalm 27, he will love to dwell in the house of the Lord. 

Here is a few pictures from the first few days of his life:

White Chicken

So our white chicken, Tulip, has the tendency to get out of the chicken pen 1-5 times each day! So Moravia has gotten the hang of running  out to the backyard, clapping her hands, and telling the white chicken to “Get!” It’s so cute.  She usually tells us whenever the white chicken is out by yelling, “White Ticken! White Ticken!” We usually don’t have the camera ready when she is the one to find the chicken out of it’s pen, but here is what we caught it on video recently.

Baby? and other interesting things

So it’s summer weather out there! And we are loving it, we play outside every day, we swing, play at parks (as long as it has slides!) go to the water falls, and let the chickens entertain us. We also recently just bought a fire pit and have enjoyed a few fires. A few nights ago we invited some of Moravia’s friends over so our friends could go on a date, and had a blast playing with them in the backyard. We have turned the AC on already, but it’s probably because Bethany is pregnant and hot all the time.

We are patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting for Baby Boy Mootz to make his arrival into our family scene. We really would love for him to come any hour or day now! Bethany will be 40 weeks June 2nd, and is huge. (I’m writing this so that makes it ok for me to call myself huge haha)

UHOP has been going well, we love our jobs! It’s so fun to sing and pray to God for our city as an occupation. We have a great team we do it with! Moravia loves UHOP- so far she is true to why we named her Moravia. The group she is named after loved prayer, and she loves going to the prayer room.  We go together every day, and we pray, do our prayer journal, dance with instruments, play with the kitchen set and doll house, and she always have a blast with Grandpa. Last week we hosted our second pastor’s prayer meeting at UHOP and around 12 pastors came to pray together for the city. WOW. We had coffee and bagels after and many stayed to fellowship and get to know one another. We were amazed at how easy it was, and how late many stayed after the prayer meeting; we can see that coming together as pastor’s and ministry leaders will have such a great impact on our city as a whole.  We have a 4 day weekend over Memorial Day, which has been a relaxing time.

Jeff’s oldest sister Jeni and her family came back from Uganda a few days ago (they were they a year) and it has been good to see them and get to hear how their time was. We are blessed to live by his family.

Here are some recent pictures!

Moravia LOVES spaghetti!

Moravia LOVES spaghetti!

Moravia eating on her learning tower

Moravia eating on her learning tower

Bethany- 39 weeks

Bethany- 39 weeks

Jeff and a few guys putting in our new patio door!

Jeff and a few guys putting in our new patio door!

almost in!

almost in!

We finished our fast last Sunday, which was Resurrection Sunday!  Our prayer room hosted a corporate fast from March 7-27th for the purpose of asking God for an increase of healing power in the city.  We had a number of people in different churches and healing ministries fasting with us at UHOP, and even some friends in different states felt led to fast.  I also talked to another ministry leader in Sioux Falls who said that God told him to do a 21 day fast just one day before ours started.

The Lord spoke to our team through a variety of dreams and prophetic words over the course of December and January that He wanted to release more healing power.  We had been feeling that a corporate fast was coming in March anyways, so as the words about healing came we became more and more confident that God wanted us to focus on this topic in the fast.  Our staff took a trip to IHOP-KC a few days before we announced the fast, and we had two leaders the same day prophecy about healing coming to UHOP in this season.

One testimony was that so many people were excited to do a long fast, which is supernatural!  Throughout the fast we had people praying over a prayer list of about 30 people that are involved at UHOP.  Some of those people got healed during the fast.  One guy had arthritis through his entire body going into the fast.  As we prayed over him one night, he began to feel the fiery presence of the Lord on his body, and then he said that all the pain left his body.  He normally had pain 24/7 in various joints.  I (Jeff) had been experiencing vocal chord pain for years.  I received prayer the first day of the fast, felt a cool sensation flow down my throat, and then felt some pain leave immediately.  I usually have a very weak voice while fasting even one day, but since that day my voice has felt great.  I have had little or no pain at all after singing and speaking, which is very different from what it had been.  One guy had knee cap pain that was completely healed.  The same guy had arthritis in his jaw joint and had clicking and popping with pain every day.  He was healed in a minute of prayer.  Also, his jaw was out of alignment because of a fight he had gotten into year ago, but during the prayer time he literally felt his jaw being pushed back into alignment.  One little girl of one of the UHOP staff was experiencing hardness of hearing in one of her ears the past few weeks, but this past weekend at a service the deafness just left.  She said she just felt the blockage leave in a moment and she began to cry in excitement.

The fast was also for people to get personal breakthrough in their lives, whether in circumstances or areas they felt the enemy was resisting them.  So many people testified that circumstances were changed or that they felt a spiritual shift in their lives from the fast.

We have also noticed an increase of God’s felt presence and power in our prayer meetings and services since the fast.

Looking forward to so many healing focuses in April.  This week Randy Clark’s healing ministry is in town teaching and imparting.  In two weeks the Sioux Falls Healing Rooms are hosting a city-wide healing night.  Then the last weekend of April the Vineyard Church is hosting a healing outreach training, which will equip people to hold a healing booth on Sioux Falls’ busiest walking street downtown over the summer.



Kathryn Kuhlman Healing Video I watched this week

Family Update

We are 31 months pregnant and now that we can count down the weeks on our hands, preparation is becoming imminent! We can’t wait to welcome this little boy into our lives… and see what he looks like and who he’ll become. Moravia is growing so much, even this week she has started speaking so much better. Some times we can’t understand her, like the difference between “water” and “diaper” and “buckle” but she is really communicating so clearly! It’s amazing to watch her learn so quick. We only have to tell her things once now and she is just like a sponge and figures things out. Yesterday i was putting her in the car seat and she takes the buckle and looks at me and says, “I do it”. Wow. I couldn’t believe her clarity.  She knows most of her numbers, but really likes the number “8”.


Spring is upon us now which always begins the yard cleanup! We are planning on putting in new sliding back patio doors in a few weeks which will give us the option of a screen door which we know Moravia will love. Everyday she is asking to go outside and play with the chickens. She is unafraid of them and loves to go in their coop to look for eggs and point at their food, water and poop. Ha! She makes great chicken sounds too. Soon she’ll be able to say their names! She accidentally threw her first egg to the ground today  (like she didn’t know what the outcome would be)- it was really cute actually she was shocked at what happened and just stared for awhile.



Life is always interesting with a toddler, those who have had one know what i mean:)



We make this healthy ice cream that we call “Banana Milk”- just almond milk, peanut butter and frozen bananas (and sometimes cacao!!!)  Our friend Emilie gave us this fun straw and Moravia loves to drink from it and asks for banana milk almost daily!


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