Jeff & Bethany Mootz

Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: February 2016

Stirred for Revival

Those involved with the prayer room we lead have been really stirred for revival and the release of God’s power the past few months.  God has been moving more often in healing and prophecy since the fall, and there has been a sustained hunger for more since then.  We preached several messages on the power of God in September and October.  Click here if you’d like to listen to them.

We will write another post in a few days about a 21 day fast our prayer room is doing March 7th-27th.  We will be focusing on asking God for greater measures of healings and miracles in our midst and in the church of the city.

Been reading and watching testimonies of healings.  Here is a video of a deaf boy and mother being healed in the 1950’s by a famous preacher.




We’re Having a Boy!



We found out in October that we were pregnant again!  Then we found out in January that we’re having a boy!  This pregnancy was a surprise for both of us, so it took a little while to connect with the reality that another little one was on the way soon.  The idea of another kid is getting more and more exciting and we have been praying for him a lot recently.

We don’t have a name for him yet, but we do have some impressions from the Lord about his destiny and are looking for names that fit him.

Our pregnancy with Moravia had some complications.  Bethany had some low hormones that were vital to the continue growth of the baby.   Because of that she had to have regular blood tests and hormone supplements.   This baby has been very different.  Bethany’s numbers were still pretty low, but her levels regulated almost right away and she barely had to take any medication.

Moravia loves to touch Bethany’s stomach and say hi to the baby and then give kisses.  Very curious to see how she responds to the baby when he comes out!

Would you pray with us for the destiny of this baby boy?