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Month: February 2015

Grand Finale

YWAM Missions Trip- The Mootz's

YWAM Missions Trip- The Mootz’s

We made it home Feb 15th, to South Dakota safe and sound, sleepy but so thrilled at the success of the week in St Croix. Its hard to believe we were welcomed by an 80 degree difference in weather! But we miss St Croix! We miss Brian, Jacki, Dexter and Emery Crandall and all our other friends there! 🙁 We love you guys!!!!

(The only thing i don’t miss is the mosquitoes, hard to believe it but one of the little boogers came home with us as I have been bitten 5 more times since we got here. )

Well I’ll back up a bit to share about the last few days in St Croix:

I (Bethany) was able to go on a dinner date with all the ladies of the YWAM Missons base the end of Day 4, it was really delicious- we had spinach and artichoke chicken over rice- I’ve got to learn how to make it for Jeff. The company and conversation was lovely- so sweet of them to invite me to their birthday celebration! We hung out afterward for desserts at one of the lady’s apartment.

Day 5 of lectures went well. We started it off with a final prayer meeting with them- and we invited the leaders to sing and play (they did amazing) and then the girl students were really bold and sang as Jeff played. I was so proud of how good they did and how they all just stepped out there. I taught on what Biblical Meditation was, then showed them a way to do it. Then Jeff taught on having a vision for Revival, and Fasting. He told them stories about biblical revivals as well as past revivals (Azusa Street, Welsh Revival, 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings, Business Men’s prayer meeting that turned into a revival…) They were stirred to believe in faith for God to move in our country. We went over on our time limit and couldn’t finish quick enough, so the leaders let us take an hour of their “small group time” in the afternoon to finish up with questions on fasting and then spend some time to pray for the boy students. The students were so hungry for the Lord and we were able to help them stoke some of the fire with prayer and worship! It was worth all our time and energy just to see 5 young adults come into a deeper understanding of truth.

Jeff says the favorite thing he taught was Day 1- Revelation of Intercession. It wasn’t just convincing them on prayer but he really drove home the power of intercession and the reason why believers pray. Genesis 1 God spoke, that’s intercession! My favorite topic that I taught on was David’s Tabernacle and Psalm 27:4, how David was driven to find a dwelling place for the Lord on the earth, and intimacy and desire urged him to do it. He then set up the Ark of the Covenant, NOT BEHIND A VEIL (like in the day of Moses) but set singers and musicians around the raw presence of God to sing and to play, night and day. Amazing!

Overall the lecture topics and the way we arranged the teachings was the best so far (from the previous two years). We talked with the directors, and they (after they asked us to move there) said they will keep asking us back, so we are going to go next year Lord willing!

Here’s the sad news: we didn’t get to go to the beach at all. We were sad but it just didn’t work out with the lecture times and Moravia’s afternoon nap times. We had a ton of pool time but never got to let Moravia feel the sand between her toes. Maybe next year:)

Friday night we went out to ice cream with the directors of the Missions Base again. They are hilarious and so much fun! On Saturday we slept in a little bit then swam early to get our last little bit of Vitamin D in! We had lunch with some friends (ate at Chicken Shack, our favorite place on the island!) and then packed up before we headed to the airport around 2:30pm. The cool thing was we had the same flight as some other visitors who were visiting the base when we were, so we connected with them and got to talk with them in the airport. We flew to Miami, FL then arrived in Dallas TX around midnight. We booked a hotel earlier because we had a 10 hour layover that night in Dallas, it was called “the Element”, and it was the COOLEST hotel we have ever stayed in!!!!!!!! On Valentine’s Day too how fitting. So modern and nice, and the continental breakfast was the bomb!  We only wished we could have stayed longer to enjoy it more. Jeff might post the video he took of the breakfast bar. The last flight home was uneventful, everyone of us slept. We arrived into South Dakota at noon, to a brisk 4 degrees.

We want to thank you for your prayers for this trip, we had a blast and loved ministering on the island of St Croix.  We hope you enjoy the pictures!

St. Croix Day 3 and 4

Day 3 & 4 has flown by- we are getting adjusted to the island time now and able to spend some time with friends and making new friends. Can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of lectures already!

Day 3 was amazing! To begin, we taught the students how to do vocal warmups- “My mommy made me mash my M&M’s” they thought it was hysterical. We even had them meow like cats to warm up their lips. This was all so that we could sing and pray together, because warming up your voice helps.

Jeff had the students break up into small groups and each went over passages of scripture that depicted what God is like: Exodus 19, Daniel 7, Ezekiel 1, and Revelation 4- we concluded that God is on fire, glowing like a diamond, with river of fire flowing from Him, has a throne, has 4 living creatures surrounding Him singing Holy night and day, there is a rainbow around Him, and has clouds and thunder and lightning around Him! Jeff wanted them to see how God is worshipped in heaven and how majestic He is.  Then Bethany walked them through the Old Testament to show what the Tabernacle of Moses and Tabernacle of David was like- How David in 1 Chronicles actually set up his tabernacle and appointed Levites, musicians and singers, to stand around the raw presence of God to sing and play music to God NIGHT AND DAY. David touched something in worship that has only been equaled by heaven’s expression of worship. Bethany ended with Psalm 27:4, that what drove David to build a house for God on the earth is desire, love and intimacy with Him, and that is exactly what God is looking for today.

It’s been so much fun to see how the students are getting what it means to pray and to worship.

Day 4 we started out with a prayer meeting. The three boys led a prayer meeting with worship all by themselves, and the girls prayed. The two boys had never sang their prayers before, until today and they came up with some amazing choruses!!! They are understanding that praying can be a very enjoyable thing when you add worship. They want to do it the whole time they are in their school here, which excites us:)

Today Bethany taught on How to Pray-Read the Word, and Jeff taught more on the Power of Prayer from different passages that prove that prayer works, as well as how to schedule a prayer time. Jeff was calling them to pray 2-4 hours a day, and they actually think it is doable for them.

We didn’t go to the beach yet, and actually might not get too. Every afternoon while we are free has been time to rest and get Moravia a nap or a bath. It’s been fun swimming in the pool. Moravia is loving the little girls here. She just giggles when they come up to touch her. She usually ends up with hiccups from giggling so hard or greasy hair from the little girls touching her (usually at lunch when they have potato chip hands!). It’s so cute. Moravia just knows that she is going to grow up to be like them!

Last night we got to go out to eat at an amazing restaurant to get pizza with the directors of the YWAM base, Fauger and Ana and their two kids. It was great to catch up (we’ve been able to do this every year we’ve come) and hear more about what is on their hearts for the island, their base and their staff. They ironically are headed to Kansas City for 6 weeks in March to get training from the YWAM base there! (It’s about 2 miles from where we lived when we lived in KC!) We are now thinking about going to go visit KC just to see them.

Tonight we are having something called “Prayer and Worship Connecting the World” or PWCW- where they worship somewhere on the island once a week… and we are going to join them! Afterward the ladies on staff are headed to celebrate their birthdays so Bethany got invited to the restaurant too. All the dad’s are going to watch their kiddos so Jeff will be doing that too.

Hope you enjoy the pictures- we are exhausted but really really enjoying our “vacation” – like Jeff said before this kind of vacation is the best! We feel so excited to be in love with Jesus and for prayer because we are having to communicate it every day. The students have the best questions- so sincere and really desiring to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

The CRAZY thing is two students (not the ones in our classes everyday but the ones who are in their outreach portion of their training) are from SIOUX FALLS! WHAT IN THE WORLD! The one girl actually started tearing up when I told her that we live there and started a house of prayer- she said that Sioux Falls really needed a house of prayer and got so excited. How small the world is.

Ok that’s it for now- signing off!


St. Croix Ministry Trip – Airplanes and 1st Day Here

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These are videos of Moravia on the plane rides.


We left Sioux Falls, South Dakota at 7am Sunday morning and arrived at 9pm St. Croix time.  Moravia did really well on the trip.  She slept on the layovers and took naps on all three flights.  She had tons of new people and things to look at on the planes, so she had plenty of things to discover on this trip.  She has been exploring ever since we got here as well. She loves the heat! She found her toes for the first time, which she never has had a chance to do since there are always socks and boots on them.

Bethany and I really like the airport here.  It is very small and much of it is outdoors.  When you land here you park out just past the runway, they lower the stairs to the ground, and you exit like the President from his plane.  We landed at night this time so they brought a fire truck near our plane to give light.  Some dear YWAM friends picked us up and away we went.

The staff and students are really fun.  The missions base has grown physically but even the amount of things being done in prayer and missions has increased.  It has been so fun and challenging to see how they’ve labored to see this ministry grow here.

Yesterday I taught on, “The Revelation of Intercession,” and, “The Power of Praying/Singing in the Spirit.”  Then Bethany taught them a simple way of combining worship and prayer for corporate prayer meetings.  We had them all sit in a circle and let different ones pray and sing to try it out.  This morning Bethany will teach on, “Intimate Partnership.”  She will talk about how God’s design was for humanity to rule with Him over all of creation as an intimate partner through prayer.  Tonight there is community worship time for the neighborhood and I will be talking on, “Encountering the Bridegroom God.”

We love this kind of vacation.  We have extra incentive to get up early and get in the Spirit, then we talk about the Bible with awesome people all morning, then we relax and swim in the afternoons.  These are always refreshing trips.


Here we come St Croix!

We have an upcoming ministry trip to St Croix ­ February 8­-15! This will be our 3rd year at this YWAM base teaching students who are in the Discipleship Training School on the importance of Worship and Intercession. St. Croix is a beautiful island and we are looking forward to the wonderful weather and all the equipping times. We both will be teaching the students every day (Jeff will teach 7 times and Bethany will teach 5 times) and give them values on their personal prayer life as well as how to lead prayer meetings. We are looking forward to seeing our friends there again, and excited as this will be Moravia’s first missions trip! (even thought she won’t be preaching this time…) Jeff is most excited to preach on “Why Pray?” in which he will give a Biblical overview of Intercession and proofs from Scripture on the power of prayer. Bethany is most excited to preach on “Why Worship?” which includes the power of worship as well as the Worth and Beauty of Jesus. We appreciate your prayers for strength, power on our words, grace in travel, and long­ term impact on the missions students.

Here are some pictures of us getting Moravia’s clothing ready for warm weather:)  It snowed 5 inches over the weekend here in Sioux Falls so it’s going to be a great contrast- She is going to love the sun!

IMG_5034 IMG_5039