Jeff & Bethany Mootz

Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: January 2015

Blast from the past- Bethany’s Version

Jeff& Bethany

So four years ago today, Jeff popped the question:) And I said yes. I had no idea that it would be that night, as we were going to go get dressed up and take “dancing lessons” with some of our dear friends the Mosteller’s. But when i was getting ready for the date, my roommate Lisa hands me a wrapped box. I got confused and immediately suspicious. I opened it to find a note that was really sweet (yes i still have it)- After writing how much he loved me, he said something like “Enclosed you will find a shirt that I bought for my wife 7 years ago because I thought she would look cute in it- please use it as a blindfold, your roommate Lisa will be your chauffeur.” I still wasn’t sure if the dancing plans were off but I knew he would ask me tonight. I started screaming. We had only been dating since October 25…

So i got in the car and Lisa blindfolded me. She later said she drove around a lot just to confuse me. But Jeff had gotten about 15 people in our lives to say something to me/us and recorded them and burned them to a CD for me to listen to on the drive. It was so so sweet. So here i was crying all my makeup off onto the blindfold/shirt that he had bought for his wife.


When I “arrived” to the specific location I still had no idea where I was and I had no idea Jeff’s friend Dan was videoing me walking into the house Jeff was at. As soon as I got into the house, still blindfolded, everyone left. I was trembling a little, and really hoping that Jeff was there! All I heard was Misty Edwards cd playing. I called out to Jeff and he told me to take the blindfold off. We were in the mysterious and magical sort of place, it was beautiful. There was a whole wall of windows that looked out into a forest. It smelled faintly like bacon 🙂 If you know Jeff that doesn’t surprise you. But he had decorated the room and there were candles everywhere and he looked so handsome.

We danced to the music for awhile and he told me a lot of sweet things that I really wish I could remember. I could feel him shaking too.  He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! He then washed my feet and we took communion together, both of us were crying. Sometime after that the music abruptly stopped playing and it flipped to a teaching series on Babylon. Ha! Jeff called out and said, “Butler, can you please turn the music back on?” and a guy came out of nowhere and did it!! Where were we!?!?!?! I was so confused. Jeff then led me to the other side of the magical room by the raging fire in the fireplace and we ate dinner together, served by “the butler”, Jeff’s friend Dave. Jeff had made the dinner earlier, it was Alfredo Pasta with bacon and tomatoes, delicious. We barely talked.


After a little bit Dave came into the room and we retold him the story and laughed and laughed! Jeff finally told me where we were- Dave’s parents had bought this house and were in the middle of deep construction. They had finished this beautiful room just so Jeff could use it! The rest of the house was still very much under construction.  So they came home (they had to go out to eat that night!) and we all laughed and talked and had ice cream in cute little dishes together.

It was so much fun. They said goodnight and we sat by a couch (that is currently in our living room- they gave it to us a year later!) by the window and looked out at the stars and talked. We left around 11pm and I don’t think I slept that night, for fear my ring would fall off:)

Looking back, so much has happened in four years! But one thing has for sure stayed the same. I am still in love with Mr Jeffrey Mootz.



Sunday Morning Family Time

We have our church worship and message Saturday evenings, so that means Sunday morning turns into Family Time! We typically eat a good meal (that usually includes some city fresh eggs from our chickens) have a family worship time, pray and read as she is down for a nap, then goof off with Moravia and take pictures of her. Although we are not in most pictures because it’s still the morning:)  Some dear friends in Sioux Falls let us borrow their Bumbo and she is really liking it.

Please enjoy her cuteness.

the last month in pictures

Friendships part 3-

Last month I wrote down some thoughts about friendships as well as the human need for deep friendships (love and acceptance). This is a huge need across the body of Christ but even all of humanity! I wanted to finish up my thoughts here and encourage you to find a deep friend and give you some practical ways to have meaningful conversation in the time you have with them. My perception is that most do not have satisfying friendships in their life, and God’s vision for you is to have relationships that are more than shallow!

There are many hindrances to having deep friendships: wrong perspectives (that you have to be pursued instead of you being the one to do the pursuing) fear of being known in your weakness, not making time for friendships, not being friendly to people, unsure how to have friendships-what to do/speak about, and having past hurt relationships and not wanting to be hurt again. We need God to envision us with what He desires, and bring inner healing to our hearts!

So what could godly friendships look like?

-You could join or start a small group- do a book study, or a bible study, join a wive’s group or a men’s bible study – anywhere there is a place of consistent deep talking is greatly encouraging!

If you would like a one on one friendship where you can share your struggles and weaknesses and vice versa, here are some of my ideas on how to set up that close friendship times. You don’t have to have a “best friend” to do this with but simply someone who wants strengthened in their relationship with God.  I would simply ask a person in my life if they would be up for weekly or bi-weekly conversation to not only hold each other accountable in things but pray for each other. I have done these types of meetings in every season of my life the last 6 years:

  1. Meet for about an hour a week or bi-weekly, same time same place helps with consistency in your schedule
  2. Within the hour time that you are with them bring up same 3 things each week. Examples: 1) fear of man (heart issue that I want breakthrough in), 2) speech (character issue) and 3) your Bible study plan (any Christian disciplines that you want accountability in)
  3. Within the hour, each of you take turns to share as much as you want
  4. Then share anything random- random sin, something that occurred within your week, or how you are struggling with something specific
  5. Confess any sin to the Lord and to them- don’t make excuses for it or feel the need to explain it all-just confess and receive His forgiveness through them.
  6. Pray/prophesy over each other!
  7. Sometimes it is appropriate to talk with your close friend about how you can set up your life or thoughts or emotions differently in order to not sin.

How do you find friends like that? First ask God to give you comrades in the faith! Look for obvious people around you at church or another spiritual place, at your workplace, at a small group or bible study that you want to go to, or just go places where you know you can meet like minded people and initiate a small hangout with them. He will give you righteous friends if you consistently ask and seek out Godly friendships. Most every time it takes initiating, deep friendships don’t fall out of the sky.

As you pursue deep friendships right now, you are pursuing deepness in God.  You will grow in righteousness and humility, friends will help you to receive the love of God in your weaknesses, and also help you do what you set your heart to do!