Jeff & Bethany Mootz

Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: November 2014

Piano Lift for the House of Prayer!

We are so so excited about this.

Some of you might not know this but in a house of prayer setting, there are many worship leaders with many different heights which equals many different settings on the keyboard stand. So maybe once or twice a day we were having to change the keyboard stand height.  It’s a pretty precarious situation as the keyboard we have is 70 lbs and with our old stand it took 3 people to change the height and we can’t afford to drop that keyboard!  Plus the fact that we will only continue to grow prayer room hours and piano players on a daily basis and want our players to be able to change positions during a 1-2 hour set.

So we were looking into hydraulic lifts that are made specifically for keyboards. They cost a pretty penny so we looked for better options and found this adjustable desk online and researched it’s potential for our keyboard lift.  Well it turns out that the company had never sold a desk lift as a piano lift, so they gave us a great deal and asked us to test it for them and give them feedback.  Maybe we can bring this piano lift to the worship world:)

It raises up quietly and fairly quickly, tells you how many inches off the ground it is at every moment, and has 4 memory pads that you can program heights on in order to make transitions easier.  It has very stable and sturdy in every position and you can even adjust the width of the desk base.  We have the width at its skinniest dimension but it can get pretty wide.

Our next step is to find a way to attach the microphone and music stand to the piano lift so that they lift when the piano lifts.  Look forward to the final piano product and feedback pics/videos.  If you know of somebody who would be interested in buying a desk lift like this for a piano contact us and we can send you the info.

Click HERE to watch videos of the piano lift in action.


3 Months Old

Moravia turned 3 months old this week, she is growing up so fast! She had a great 1st thanksgiving as we all did (Thanks to Eileen for the most adorable turkey outfit) And she started giggling yesterday! Jeff has been purposefully standing her up a lot to strengthen her legs and abs, and she is showing her strength by trying to balance herself. She still hates tummy time though- but we try often because they say it’s good for her back and arms to strengthen up. Maybe she’ll just skip crawling and start walking who knows!

Friendships- part 1

Most people find it hard to cultivate Godly relationships or find a community to belong too. There are many Bible verses that declare it’s importance:

Proverbs 12:26– “The righteous should choose his friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads them astray.” One must intentionally seek out godly friendships because in some ways friendships determine your life path.

Proverbs 27:17– “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Peer accountability and growth occurs when you are in the company of a true friend.

Daniel- As seen in the book of Daniel, Daniel had 3 comrades to run with in the midst of honoring ungodly leadership and facing persecution. Their chosen form of community in friendship was fasting and prayer and accountability in the faith.

But what are the hindrances to having and sustaining friendships? Either we have a wrong perspective that says you have to wait to be pursued  (instead of doing the initiating). sometimes we have a fear of being known in our weaknesses, or have had past hurtful relationships and we do no want to be hurt again, or sometimes we don’t make time for friendships, and a big one is that we are unsure of how to have and keep friends-what do i do? what do we speak about?

God has placed within every heart a deep longing for intimacy-to know and be known and to belong. After God made Adam, He declared “It’s not good for man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18) This is speaking on more than just marriage. Before sin even entered the picture it wasn’t enough for Adam to “just have God.” Your deepest longing for intimacy is first satisfied in the relationship you have with God but God also placed a real desire within us to have human companions. This is not you being needy; it’s a Godly healthy desire. God is a Father who wanted a family and He has placed that same desire within us-to long for community.

Here is some New Testament values on how they developed community:

42They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine [teaching] and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers45and they divided them among all, as anyone had need.  (Acts 2:42-45)

  1. Apostles’ doctrine: Receiving corporate teaching along with personally studying the Scripture-believers in the New Testament valued the Word of God and valued daily interaction within the Word.
  2. Fellowship: Serving and sharing life in the Spirit and the Word with others requires more than socializing around entertainment and pleasure. Godly fellowship has vibrancy in it where we are communicating the heart of God to one another. They equipped, empowered and encouraged one another to be people who go deep in God and who lead others to the Lord.
  3. Breaking bread: In the NT context this meant to realign their hearts to obey God and commit to repair relationships.
  4. Prayer: Embracing regular worship and intercession, and praying for one another.
  5. As anyone had need: They gave to meet the real needs of others – as they gave of their time energy and money to those in need, they actually encountered more of God and His heart.

I desire to cultivate Godly and intentional friendships with Godly values!

more to come -Bethany




Photo Shoot

Here’s a shout out to Lindsey Brooks! She supplied this adorable outfit for Moravia:) We love you Lindsey

Moravia is getting some chunk on her cheeks- no one would believe she was 5lbs at birth.

Just this week she has grown so much- she is smiling all the time now. She grasps things with her hand (after much focus and missing it many times), she stands longer when we hold her up, and is starting to use her abs more. Her head is very stable. She is currently reading a book with her dad:)

We are doing well in South Dakota, we got our first big snow last weekend (about 6 inches!) and looking forward to a quiet break for Thanksgiving with family and friends.


Moravia is getting to the point that she smiles now at everyone who can make her smile! It’s so fun to have her respond to us.  She can see farther and follows us with her eyes, and now she is holding her head up really strong. Jeff is making her do muscle training, he regularly holds her up to standing position and makes her stand until she is too tired. Her abs are getting stronger too. Crazy how much she grows in just a week.

Today it’s snowing! Our first big snow in Sioux Falls- it’s about 3 inches and still falling… Yay!

Family Pics

We braved our first trip to Kansas City with Moravia, and it was a breeze!
We had a reunion of sorts as my Mom and Dad and sister Leah came all the way from Ohio to meet Moravia and also my new nephew Jack that belong to my brother Micah and Kait and their beautiful family (who live in KC). We got to play and eat and watch the World Series together as well as visit a few friends.

THEN Mom and Dad came to Sioux Falls for a few days and we spent time in the house of prayer and showed them around town. We had a blast together, MOM AND DAD COME ANYTIME OK???