Jeff & Bethany Mootz

Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: April 2014

Lil’ Miss Mootz:)


Our parents waiting with expectation in the ultrasound room to find out if she was a boy or a girl! 


It’s a GIRL!!!!!!!!!


Look at how cute she is:) Cuddling inside of me!


The first little outfit for her:)



Here is the link that you have been waiting for!
Please click on it and watch and find out!  (and turn on your audio)

The Mootz Family:)

Sioux Falls Ministry Trip – April 4th-6th

This month has been a busy but good month!  We went to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for our monthly ministry trip and we went to my oldest sister’s wedding down south.  Both trips were amazing!


We are still planning to move to Sioux Falls July 1st and have a house that we should be closing on the end of May.  This past trip was so much fun and they keep getting more exciting.  We took three friends with us, Maggie, Isaac, and Jocelyn.  We typically drive up for dinner on Friday night, have prayer and worship training times for those interested and then a teaching time and intercession set on Saturday nights.  Saturday afternoon we have lunch with people in town or show our guests some of the fun sights in town.  Sunday morning we join in with Jeff’s parents Church and have a fellowship meal with them afterwords.


We only have two more trips to Sioux Falls before we move there and we feel the momentum in town growing each month.  We are very very sad to leave our family in Kansas City and at the same time very excited to join in with those in Sioux Falls for God’s purposes through 24/7 prayer and worship.


Pregnancy Updates – 20 weeks

Below are pictures of our first sonic gram back in January, just 8 weeks into the pregnancy.  The picture of Jeff is a more recent one.  We bought a baby heart doppler online so that we could listen to the baby’s heartbeat any day we wanted to.  It is so fun to listen to the heartbeat live and then pray for the baby right there and then.  It has been amazing to follow the progress of the baby in the womb and to realize day by day how much of a miracle pregnancy is and how smart God is to be able to do this.  How amazing that God allows us to partner with Him to the point of creating an eternal being (little baby) together with Him.


We go back to doctor for our 20 week check up and sonic gram to find out if it’s a boy or girl next Friday!  Yes, you can recommend names if you would like to or tell us what gender you think it is:)  Our parents are going to be in town for the doctor visit so we get to share the surprise with them, which is so cool.  Bethany has just starting showing the last couple weeks and feeling the baby moving lots as well.



IMG_2404 IMG_2403