Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: July 2013


Here are the long-awaited and beautiful pictures of our trip last weekend to Colorado Springs. Jeff was in one of his friends wedding (was his roommate at college and at IHOPKC), and we got to go early to visit friends and see some sights. We wish we could have stayed a WEEK because there was so much to see and do in Colorado!

 ImageJeff and I after the wedding- we made the horseshoes into a heart:)


Where are the mountains you say?? BUT AREN’T WE CUTE!!!

ImageThe reception area! The wedding was at Spruce Mountain Ranch, near the foot of a mountain- can we say BEAUTIFUL!

ImageOutdoor Ceremony


Isaac waiting for his bride

ImageHere she comes!

ImagePike’s Peak

ImageJeff’s other college buddy Chris, and his fiance’ Rachael

ImageVisiting “The Garden of the gods” We liked to call it just Garden of God:)

ImageHiking! Isn’t it beautiful?

ImageHiking back down…

ImageWe went on a perfect day- breezy and cool


Our friend Leah was able to travel along with us!

ImageLeah and I holding up this heavy rock… 












Honduras – Nation Wide Outreach This Weekend

We invite you to check out this website and pray this week for Honduras.


Tens of thousands of Honduran Church leaders, thousands of missionaries and believers nation wide will be evangelizing their nation this weekend in a goal to preach to all 8 million residents.  Even the president of the nation is supporting and financing the effort.  Outreaches have been going on all week as well.  We have been praying for this amazing effort all week. 

Personal Commentary on the Book of Revelation (Chpt 1-2)

Bethany and I have been writing personal commentaries on books of the bible we have been studying this year.  She has been going through Isaiah and I have been going through Revelation.  Our goal is to study the books verse by verse and document all of our studies and meditations as personal commentaries.  Then we would like to compare our thoughts with other commentaries and document some of their thoughts. 

You can check out my studies and meditations on the first two chapters of Revelation if you go to the “Teaching Notes” section on this site (very much a rough draft).  You can also view a document that has all sorts of simple and detailed outlines of Revelation in the teaching notes section. 

A basic plan in studying a book is to read the book several times, create an outline of the book and look at other people’s outlines, write down themes from the book that you see, research history, then go verse by verse writing down thoughts and doing word studies and theme studies on the verse.  Before you know it you will have 1 chapter done.  You can access every bible study tool or commentary online for free to help you as well.  Another good idea is to go verse by verse with a commentary, write down good thoughts from the book and then write down your own thoughts, studies and meditations. 

Really Cute Nieces!

So my brother and sister in law and their kids who lives in Kansas City are moving away to Arkansas to be near her family. WE WILL MISS YOU BLOSSER’S!!! Yes we are super sad, I’ve cried countless times, but we also are excited to see them move and grow in Arkansas with their family and the opportunities there! So we have been hanging out with them and their two cute girls (Ava and Hannah) a lot this past month. Below are some pictures of their precious faces.