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Month: September 2012

Recent Pictures

My new haircut!

side shot:)

Jeff taught these kids during a bible study time, how to sing the Bible!

They LOVED doing it! and it sounded so good! The were singing: “Jesus is our Shepherd! He takes care of me…”

Bethany’s 6 small group girls for this school year: we went on a weekend retreat to get to know one another!

Jeff and I! We went to a wedding and they had a photo booth:)





The Grace of God

Jeff and I are studying Romans together to get clear Biblical truth concerning the Grace of God. We are realizing that there are many false grace messages in the body of Christ floating around on the internet and in churches that can bring deception into your relationship with Jesus.

There are two main distortions of the teachings on grace. Either 1)  A person seeks to earn God’s forgiveness or love by their diligent obedience (legalism) or 2) A person seeks scriptures to validate a lifestyle that allows them to neglect to love and obey Jesus with all their strength.  (lukewarm).

I don’t want to be lukewarm or legalistic! The highest goal of my life is the first commandment, to love Jesus with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength. I want to position myself over decades to receive the love of Jesus and to give Him back my all.


Please join us as we study Romans, and listen to Mike Bickle’s series on the Gospel of Grace.  This is the foundation of our faith and we want to stand rooted and grounded in truth!  In order to watch the archives of his teachings, go to : 
– Bethany

Song of Songs 5:12 – Jesus’ Gaze: He Sees, He Cares and He Acts

I have been studying and meditating on the eyes of the Lord the last few weeks as a part of my study of Song of Songs chapter 5.  Ten of Jesus’ attributes are revealed in this chapter.  The study of the eyes of the Lord should fascinate our hearts and remove offense from our hearts.

“His eyes are like doves, by the rivers of waters, washed with milk and fitly set.”  Song of Songs 5:12

The two things that impacted my heart the most in this study were those of the widow’s mite story in the Gospels and the ascension of Jesus as described in the book of Hebrews.  Jesus sees all things from His throne in heaven and He is the One that Judges all things.  But this same one is described in Hebrews as our High Priest who became one of us, died for us, fought for us, knows our weaknesses and sat down at the right hand of the Father.  This powerful Man on the throne became one of us.  He is a High Priest on His throne.  The widow’s mite story reveals the beauty of Jesus’ eyes to see, look for and value the most weak and broken offerings of love.

Jesus sees everything, He cares immensely and then He acts accordingly.  Our hearts must have a living understanding of these three truths to love the Lord with our whole hearts.

(Click on the “Teaching Notes” section for full notes on each of these phrases)