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Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: June 2012

Annual Pics – Celebration of Marriage 2012

We decided to have some fun pics every year around our anniversary!  A friend of ours took out to main street Grandview, MO.  Who knew there could be so many cool places to take pics.  Our favorite ones are by the brick wall.  One of our ideas is to have our blue baseball shirts for some of our pics every year.

Jesus’ Servant Leadership and Unrelenting Commitment to His Bride (Part 2 of Teaching Series)

I just finished studying and meditating on Song of Songs 5:11, “His head is like the finest gold; His locks are wavy and black as a raven.”  There are 10 attributes of the Lord that are revealed in this chapter.  The Song of Songs was traditionally interpreted as being about the nation of Israel (the Bride) and their Messiah (Jesus) and the covenants He made with them in the Old Testament. The Song displayed Israel’s relationship with the Lord until the end of the age when she would be seen leaving upon her beloved.  Israel is described as a loving Bride or an adulterous Bride throughout the Old Testament.

This passage speaks about Jesus’ headship over His Bride (His head is fine gold) and then His unrelenting commitment and passion to fulfill His desires (wavy, black hair).  Jesus leads unlike any other person in the entire world.  He came to serve, not to be served.  Do you know that God is your greatest servant?  That only sounds offensive because we do not know His glory as a Servant.  Jesus serves us with all of His resources and wisdom to make us great and vibrant in love.  He is so wise and skilled as a leader that He will have a radically obedient and loving Church on the earth just before His 2nd coming.  He is leading the earth.

His wavy and black hair speaks of the Nazarite Vow from the Old Testament.  Men and women took the vow to set themselves apart for God’s purposes.  It was a sober commitment to love God and serve Him intentionally.  Jesus is committed to His Father’s plans and He is committed to His Bride.  He is tenacious and unrelenting in His pursuit of love in His people.  Jesus’ emotions never fade during the day.  He feels emotions of desire and zeal in intense ways at every moment of the day.  He is not discouraged by your failures, lack of commitment or the growing darkness on the earth.  He is filled with courage and zeal to bring love forth on the earth.  He is that committed in your life.  Paul caught a glimpse of this in Romans 8, “Nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ.” In Romans 8 there is a crescendo of voice and passion as Paul lists all the things that cannot separate us from God’s love.  Paul was filled with passion as he saw Jesus’ passion for Him.  Paul was trying to prove God’s unrelenting commitment to His people.

Our hearts open up to trust and love the Lord as we meditate on these truths from Song 5:10-16.  Each facet of His love and leadership awakens love in us.  How?  By journaling the verses, speaking them out loud in prayer, confessing them as true and by asking the Holy Spirit to teach and impart these to our heart.  These truths helped strengthen the Bride in this verse as she went through incredible difficulties.

(full notes in the teaching section)


The Final 73

Here is an email message I received from the Call2All ministry, who is actively engaged in strategizing with Prayer and Missions Leaders all over the world in finishing the Great Commission. Go to for more information, and read below to hear the amazing news!!!



“January 2008 at our first congress in Orlando, Florida we released a list of 639 unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPG’s) with populations more than 100,000 people. It took years of research to compile this list with the input from many organizations.

When this list was finally compiled it was an exciting, but sobering moment. It was important that we knew who was unengaged, but we were startled by the fact that after 2,000 years of Christianity these groups didn’t have one known group of Christians!

Adopting and reaching these 639 UUPGs has been a major focus of the call2all movement since it’s beginning in January 2008. In 19 congresses spanning the globe we have challenged Christian leaders to help bring this number of UUPGs to ZERO.

Approximately 30,000 leaders from 1,400 different organizations have prayed over these lists, many committing to engage one people group or more.

Working with many others in the body of Christ we are excited to report as of last week, 566 UUPGs have now been engaged! (A few have been reclassified).

This is extraordinary progress, it is amazing to watch what God is doing! Thousands of full-time missionaries are now in these 566 people groups and every one of them has a church planting movement.  Look at these amazing figures:

  • 7,169 New Full-time Workers
  • 6,240  New Part-time Workers
  • 14,494 Churches Planted
  • 794,324  New Believers

We thank God for all of this progress, but it is not enough…

God did not call us to reach some, He called us to reach all! There are 73 groups left that need to be engaged, 62 of these groups are in Muslim regions.

We need to do 2 things:

  • All of us must pray specifically to the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into these fields.
  • We need to ask the Lord what is our role in helping to reach these 73 groups. It might include giving, sending workers or going ourselves. There are many different potential roles, we each must do our part.

To find out more specific information on these people groups, particularly the Muslim groups that need to be reached, go to (To learn more about how call2all is engaging these people groups read the article, 777 – Finishing the Great Commission Together).

That Bored Feeling

Do you ever feel bored?  Maybe it’s better to ask how often you feel bored during the day.  I’ve been a student of boredom since I was a teenager.  I was very aware of the gnawing feeling in me everyday and I would numb it with media, busyness, athletics and hours of pointless hang out with friends. 

When I became a believer at the age of 20 the feeling did not go away.  What I did notice was that the feeling went away during bible studies, worship times, prayer times and real fellowship with friends about God.  I realized that the feeling of boredom that I had felt my entire life was actually a longing.  It was not a feeling it was a longing from God.  It was a longing to be fascinated in my heart in a real tangible way. 

That discovery motivated me in a real way to experience real fascination with God everyday.  I began changing my schedule so that I could seek God in the Bible, prayer, worship and in fellowship with friends about God so that I could touch Him.  Touching Him didn’t just remove the feeling of boredom, it satisfied a longing in my heart. 

You have God given longings in you that were designed to be satisfied every single day.  How are you satisfying or numbing that longing in your own heart? 

I seek to be fascinated through meditation on the Word of God each morning.  Then I continue to pray, ponder His Word and ask for tangible impartation in my heart throughout the day.  I want to live fascinated more throughout the day. 


How To Meditate on the Bible – Receiving Life from God

The Lord wants us to interact with Him through His Word.  John 15 paints the picture of God as a vine and His people as individual branches.  He is the literal source of all life but He is also the source of daily life in our hearts.  This does not happen automatically for every believer.  Jesus said that you have to abide in the vine and let His word abide in you.

In John 5, Jesus told the religious leaders of His day that they did not know God.  They knew the scriptures but did not know the God of the scriptures.  We can have a study life without a prayer life.  Or we can turn the Word into prayer dialogue and let Him awaken the scriptures to our hearts. He will touch us with His life each day as we meditate on His Word.  He truly is the vine and we must connect with Him and receive impartation each day.  Many of us feel tired during the day because we have not received spiritual life on the inside during the day.  Many times the tired feeling in my body, mind or emotions goes away the second I connect to God in prayer over the Word of God.  I feel His presence and it revitalizes me in every way.  I receive real life in my body, my mind and my emotions when I feel the Lord’s presence in meditation.  We must fight our schedules everyday to make time to receive from the Lord.

10 Ways to Make Your 15minute Devotionals turn into 2 Hour Devotionals

  1. Pick a passage of scripture to meditate on.  Schedule your times for every day of the week.  Schedule at least 30minutes so that your heart can calm down.  Give yourself time to wait upon the Lord.
  2. Journal thoughts, questions, prayers from the verses.  Pray those same things to the Lord in simple phrases.
  3. Ask those questions.  Ask for living understanding of what the passage declares.  Commit to doing what the passage says.  Declare it back to God if it describes something about His heart.  Speak slowly and quietly.  Prayer is best done by repeating phrases to the Lord.  The language of prayer is short phrases said over and over again in communing prayer.
  4. Keep journaling new thoughts and pray those back to God.
  5. Your mind will be very distracted if you do not actually write things down and speak prayers out loud.  Using your faculties helps your mind engage and stay focused. 
  6. Ponder phrases and journal about them.
  7. Pray in the Spirit and Sing in the Spirit while mixing in phrases from your journal.
  8. Ask Him to fill you with those truths in a real way.  Wait for His presence.  Stick with the prayers when you feel His presence.  His presence is imparting real spiritual life to your heart.
  9. Praying positions – Pace in your room, sit down and rock back and forth a little bit.  Movement can help your body focus more.  Rocking back and forth even a little helps your mind focus on one thing.
  10. Stay on one passage of scripture for days or weeks at a time.  You will find your heart connecting to that passage quicker and quicker every day.  Even months later your heart will connect at a deep level when you read it.


Communing with God Through Praying in Tongues

Praying in tongues has been one of the most powerful ways I have connected with God since I received the gift 10 years ago.  A traveling preacher told us to pray in tongues (with our spirits) for 30minutes a day to change our lives.  I did not speak in tongues at that time but a year later I received my personal prayer language and began engaging God in prayer in this way regularly.

1 Corinthians 14 Benefits:  speaking to God, speak deep things of God’s heart (mysteries), edify/build your spiritual strength (might, faith, revelation to your thoughts, will, emotions, edified supernaturally as by a prophecy), bless God with your spirit, give great thanks to God.


I am convinced of the power and the need of praying in tongues.   These are things I do every day to help me commune with God through praying in tongues: 

1.  I schedule 30minutes – 1 hour every day.  I do it more when I schedule it.

2.   I keep my eyes closed during my time of prayer.  I read revelation 4 and set my mind on that image while praying.  I continually bring my mind back to this image of the Throne Room of God during this time.  My mind settles down and I receive more as I concentrate more.  I will read the verses out loud, focus on them one by one in my mind and then let prayers flow from my heart to God.

3.  Other times I pick out verses about the work of the Holy Spirit inside of us (John 14-16, 1 Cor 2:9-12, John 7:37) and I set my mind on the image of the Holy Spirit living in me as a glorious light, a flame of fire or a river of life.  I commune with the Holy Spirit by praying in tongues.

4.  I pray at a talking volume, then get louder or softer whenever I want.  I tend to pray slower so that I can stay focused on God.

5.  I pray English prayers as well throughout the time to help me engage more.  English prayers will rise to my heart and I will verbalize them or speaking in english throughout the time helps bring my mind back to God.

5.  I usually feel a breakthrough in prayer 20-30minutes into praying in tongues.

6.  I like to pray in tongues throughout the day as  I come and go, when I’m doing other things, or when I’m studying the bible.  It helps me engage during worship times, preaching times and even personal conversations.  I will pray in tongues in those times to connect with God more to receive His teaching, to receive insight for a friend in the moment or to tenderize my heart in worship.

7. I pray in tongues during all of my other prayer times, meditation times, study times and ministry times.


1 Corinthians describes two different types of tongues, personal and corporate.  There is the spiritual gift of tongues, as listed in 1 Corinthians 12, which is for the benefit of the corporate body of Christ, and then there is the personal prayer language as listed in chapter 14.  The personal prayer language is meant to benefit the individual, not the corporate body.  Paul said that he spoke in tongues more than anybody else. I believe it is God’s desire for every believer to receive this individual gift and to engage with Him in prayer in this way every day.  You can ask God for the gift day after day until you receive it.  It took a couple weeks of hungering for it and then I received it on my first day ever fasting.