Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: May 2012

Fear of Man – Jesus the Faithful Witness

Bethany preached this amazing sermon to the young adult internship a few days ago.  Half the room came up to receive prayer to be bold witnesses for Jesus or to receive prayer to break out of the bondage of the fear of man.  Several were crying and wanted freedom from other’s opinions.  I was really touched by the Lord during the time as well.  She said that the Lord never exaggerates the good or the bad or lies in anyway.  It struck me that His words are never to intense when addressing sin and judgment but also that they are never exaggerated when it comes to our beauty before Him or His love for us.  He never exaggerates.

(Check out the notes in the teaching section)

Fear of Man…

I have been praying for a few months now that the Lord would remove the fear of man in my life.

Jesus is the Faithful Witness, shown in Revelation 1:5,  and He rightfully portrayed the Father as He was a Man on this earth. All throughout the Bible I am finding that Jesus never exaggerated, lied, was critical in His speech, or backed down from what He believed. This is unthinkable. All of what He said and all of who He is was true, because His name is Truth (John 14:6).  If He is true, then some of the fears, and the disagreements within me need to be aligned to His truth.

When He became a Man, He was counting the glory of being God as nothing to hold onto (Phil 2), and He lived out (life, death, and resurrection) being a Faithful Witness.  If me being a faithful witness means that I do not back down from what I believe about Jesus, and I speak forth truth,  I need some help because this isn’t going to be easy! I seem to buckle when I think people will reject me, or I try to change my opinions to match theirs so I don’t upset someone, or I leave out certain things depending on who I am talking too. If I struggle now with the fear of man, when my “reputation” is on the line, what will I do when my life depends on what I do or don’t say?

In Revelation 3, Jesus reveals Himself to the Laodicean church as the Faithful Witness. He had some pretty harsh things to make them aware of, that they were: wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, when they thought they were rich, wealthy, and had need of nothing. He kindly rebuked them (it says He does that to those He loves) and then tells them all the amazing things they can have (He’ll fellowship/dine with them in the next age, and have them sit on His same throne!!! Which is a lot of power and authority)  if they zealously repent and then overcome.  It’s an amazing letter. Keep in mind that He doesn’t exaggerate the positive or the negative… His name is truth! All that He said to them is true.

Beholding Jesus in the Scriptures actually brings inner transformation to your heart and mind. The more that I seek, ask and pray for revelation concerning Jesus being the Faithful Witness, and also ask Him to root out the fear of man in my life, the more He will increase the activity of the Spirit’s transformation to my heart.

If this is something that you deal with, begin praying that Jesus will root out the fear of man in your life, and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about the little pockets of unbelief or lies that you have in your heart or mind. His name is truth so He will be faithful to point things out to you! Align yourself with the Word of God by agreeing with His identity as the Faithful Witness. He will mold you into His likeness if you keep asking Him too!


IHOPU is over for the summer!

Jeff and I standing by the IHOPU Campus!

Graduation Day is upon us! It wasn’t but two years ago that Jeff and I were graduating…

We are pleased to say that we have a few seniors that have been under us this past year graduating tomorrow, May 20th, at 4pm. They have finished strong and we are sad to see them go!

Classes ended this week, then after this weekend’s Israel Mandate Conference all the student’s will go there separate ways for the summer. It will be good to have a time of rest as we then begin to get ready for the fall again.

Easy Way to Study a Book of the Bible

Most of us read the Bible like it’s a magazine, flipping it open randomly each day and finding a few good verses.  If we were to be honest with ourselves we’d say that we were intimidated by all the information and by all the things that we did not know.  Or maybe you have the common thought, “I’m not a Bible scholar, so how can I study the Bible in depth?”  You may think that about the book of Ephesians or the book of Revelation but the Lord gave the Bible for the common hungry person.  I am confident you can understand every book of the Bible given the right time, energy, focus and hunger.  You have 20-50 years to study the Bible before your die and then billions of years to study the Bible after you die.  Just think of all the books of the Bible you could have depth in by the time you are 50, 60 or 70.

Here are a few easy ways to feed yourself on the Word of God:

1.   Make a Plan

Choose a small book of the Bible that you are interested in and want to study first.  A smaller book will seem less overwhelming for your first time than a larger book.  Map out how much time you want to study it each day of the week and put it in your schedule.   Most people do not get this far, so doing this is foundational.  Map out each step of the process like I have below.  Keep going until you are done.  Writings things down will be the best way to steward what God gives you and it will help you organize your thoughts.  Give yourself a few weeks or even a few months to get through one book.  You may go faster or you may go slower than you thought.

2. History and Context of the Book

      Use the internet or any bible resource to read a little bit about the book of the Bible.  Find out when it was written, who it was written to, who wrote it and the purpose of the book.  This will help you in your verse by verse study.  

4.  Read it again and again

Read the book of the bible in one sitting.  It may take you 30minutes to an hour but read it all the way through to get the flow of the book and to familiarize your heart with the content.  Do this a few times a day or a few times over the first week.  You can never exhaust this step of the process.  The Spirit will show you themes and trains of thought as you continue to read the book in one sitting.

5.  Outline the Book

Now that you have read the book a few times, get out a computer or notepad and outline the book.  The purpose of this step is to help yourself see the flow of the biblical author’s thought.  Your outline may change over the next days, weeks and years.  Start general and notice the breaks in thought, breaks in the storyline or breaks in themes.  These breaks will be every few paragraphs.  Title those sections.  Then go back through and notice smaller breaks within each larger thought, story or theme and title those.  These breaks will be every few verses.

Make your own title for each large and small section in a way that describes the section.

6.  Verse By Verse Study

Go verse by verse and type thoughts, questions and prayers onto your laptop or notepad. You may have questions on a verse that are answered in other parts of the Bible.  Find those verses and write them in your notes.  Questions are the sign of hunger.  God speaks the most when you have questions.  Write things down for every verse.  Go verse by verse until your are done for the day.  It’s best if you take your time going through each one.  Don’t feel the need to get a number of verses done each day, just use your scheduled time.

Take time with each verse to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you things.  Pray prayers from John 14-16, “Teach me things Holy Spirit.  Lead me into the truths of these verses.  Reveal the heart of God and the plans of God to my mind and heart.  Strengthen me with these truths.”

The Bible verses exist so we can talk to God about them, not so we can study them outside of God.

7.  Themes, Topics and Character Studies

You may find some interesting bunny trails during your studies.  Some themes, topics or Bible characters may stick out to you and you are free to study those things whenever you would like to.  You may want to write those interests down so you can look at them after you’ve finished all the verses of the book.  Or you may want to follow your hunger and spend a couple days reading more about those things in the Bible and making notes on them.  For example, you could study the life of Peter, his failures and his successes, when you study 1 Peter.  That may change the way you look at the books he wrote.  Themes may stick out to you in the section or in the book and you could write a few paragraphs about it in your studies.  You may notice biblical topics that interest you like the resurrection of the dead or the grace of God……..

8.  Teach it

Find a friend, small group or spouse and tell them about what you’ve been studying.  You can do this in formal ways or informal coffee times.  Speaking things out, processing and teaching people is one of the best ways to gain more understanding.  You will find out that YOU are your favorite teacher.  Lead a small group and study the book you are studying or have studied.

New Tiling Project-almost done!

Beforehand: Extending our entry way by peeling back the carpet


The Tools


The Concrete Hardiebacker first layer down… looking good!

So one day Jeff and our roommate Kyle ripped up the linoleum in our front entryway… and then within 24 hours we got all the tools (mostly borrowed-thanks Will!) and all the supplies (thanks Lowe’s! and that patient guy as we asked him about all the details) and then Kyle started tiling the next day! He is going to be starting a business called Kyle’s Tile Styles soon-haha!

Doesn’t it look great?

Jeff will be doing the grout within the next few days. It was fun to jump over our entry way for 24 hours to let it dry… tiling takes a long time to get done, but it’s fun.

Now, I just have to convince them to do the kitchen and the bathroom!!!!


The hired worker- our roommate Kyle!


Mortar is holding down these beautiful tiles! Grout yet to be put on…

A million dollar egg!

We haven’t actually ate it yet!

But this is our first egg from those chickens we just bought! (honestly not sure if our chickens are popping out eggs, it could be from another chicken) but we are excited nonetheless! Hats off to Micah and Kaitlyn for caring and loving our chickens, we can now tell them all apart.

Sadly Roni and Chocolate Thunder get picked on the most… Chocolate Thunder has a drooped over red flappy thing on the top of her head, and Roni has a small upper beak… I guess we would call that an under bite! Haha!

But other than that things are going well here on the farm…. (i feel like more of a farmer, owning chickens, getting my hands dirty in the garden- and i love it because I am definitely in the city!)