Jeff & Bethany Mootz

Intercessory Missionaries at Underground House of Prayer in Sioux Falls, SD

Month: April 2012

Living with a Heart of Wisdom – numbering our days (Psalm 90)

I’ve been struck over and over again with the issue of time.  Every human being has 24hrs in a day and 168 hours in a week.  Everybody does something different with those hours and it reflects in their life.  Time is the most precious thing we can steward from God and everybody gets the same amount. You can’t chose what family you’re born in, what nation you’re born in or even the giftings you’re born with but you can chose how to invest your time.

Psalm 90 was a Psalm of Moses and he prayed that God would help him number his days.  He correlated the understanding of the weightiness of time with a bright heart (wise heart).

I’ve thought a lot about what I can do with the time God has given me to steward, the next 10 years, the next 20 years and the possibly the next 50 years.  What things could you master if you set yourself right now for a 50 year journey?  What heart qualities could you have if you set it in your heart and prayed for it every day for the next 50 years?  What books of the Bible could you have deep understanding in if you made a 50year plan now?  How much money could you give away over 50 years if you set it in your heart now?

I used to struggle with giving hours a day to television and movies and it pains me to look back at my youth in that area.  The average American watches 3-5hrs a day of television.  3hrs of television a day from the ages of 10-20 would add up to 456 non-stop days of my life just watching tv.  5hrs a day for those 10 years would equal 2 full years of my life wasted in front of a tv. 3hrs a day for 50years would be 6.25 complete years of life wasted.  I believe I watched at least 3hrs of tv a day for those years and I wonder what I could have invested in with my time that would have paid off for all eternity.  We all have to forget what lies behind and press on towards the goal in Christ but there is also the place of remembering and learning from the past in order to live rightly in the future.

In a second 10 years will have gone by and in a minute 50 years will have gone by for each of us.  We have a precious gift to steward and every little chunk of time matters.  I want to ask the Lord to help me feel the value of every hour so that I can invest it rightly before His eyes and receive the prize for all eternity.


Our Garden!!!

This is Eden, our Garden!










Eden from the front gate entrance










My Beans and Peas!










poolside Eden










Another shot of the garden










The lettuce from eye level-nothing is growing yet!










It's a pool folks!










Yep- Here is our latest news…

We have a pool within our Home Owner’s Association on our street, but it’s been inactive for many years. After some vandalism that was done, they decided to completely fill it in with dirt. (and concrete and fence pools and bricks-we found that out the hard way) Anyways Bethany went to the HOA monthly meeting and gave her suggestion to use the filled in pool as a community garden, and quickly became the community garden manager!!! We quickly got started on our own plot of ground as you can see from above, and 16-20+ man hours later (and that includes blood, sweat and some tears) Voila! We have a garden, and it’s filled with all kinds of delectable vegetable seeds. We need to pray for growth, because it has a lot of clay under there.

We will probably post again once they all sprout.  We’ll be on the lookout!!!

Meeting with Grandpa Mootz











Jeff and I got to go visit with Grandpa Mootz in Minneapolis in March when we went up to South Dakota to meet with family. We traveled early in the morning with Jerry, Jeff’s dad, to go on a tour of his hometown and stomping grounds. On the way we got to hear Jerry’s stories, and then visit Grandpa Mootz’s former home and where Jerry grew up! Grandpa Mootz is a godly man and we were privileged to be with him, hearing war stories of World War II and also just visiting with him, catching up.

I told Grandpa Mootz that I was honored to have his name, and he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, paused, and said, “Well alright, I guess you can have it!”  He is the definition of what it means to have a godly inheritance planted in your children and your children’s children.  We love Grandpa Mootz!


Understanding Jesus through the Symbols of Song of Songs 5:9-16 – Jeff (Part 1 of Series)

The book of the Song of Songs has been something I have wanted to understand for several years.  I have been going through the book little by little the last months and hope to have studied each verse by the end of the year.  I was meditating on Chapter 5 of the book during our Bridegroom fast in December and I have been stuck in the chapter ever since. A teacher challenged our class years ago to go after this chapter for years in order to mine its depths of understanding about Jesus.

Each descriptive symbol is a treasure to search out in scripture and in meditation.  I have been surprised at how much is in the Bible on each symbol and how clear some of the ideas have been from the Old and New Testaments.

The Song has 2 main characters, Jesus and the Bride of Christ.  In this chapter the Bride describes the revelation of Jesus to other believers in the midst of her great trial.  They ask her what He is like and why she is so in love with Him.

She introduces Him as the most beautiful One among ten thousands times ten thousands and then goes into detail on each feature of His heart.  There is a general description of Jesus’ beauty, followed by 10 detailed descriptions and then another general description to conclude the proclamation.

Each of these facets of the Beauty of Jesus will strengthen our hearts in love for the Lord as we say them back to Him in meditation.

(Check the teaching section for short notes on each symbol of the chapter.  There will also be  separate documents for each verse)

Song 5:10 “My beloved is white and ruddy, Chief among ten thousand.”

White = dazzling, bright, radiant in His internal and external beauty

Ruddy = red, healthy, vibrant and filled with life in every area of His heart

Chief = most distinguished, highest ranking, banner lifted up,  leader, transcendent

Ten Thousand = An uncountable number, ten thousands times ten thousands